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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

BURDA Wednesday - old Burda, New Year!

Hello there!

This is IT - first day of a brand new year..

The thing I'm holding is my hand-made January calendar - ready to be put in use
I took this one last night, so that you can see my New Year's eve look
The ring on my hand is indeed a Ladybug, from Graz, Austria
I'm wearing a high-waist skirt with attached collar.
And, since the custom was to get something new for New Year - 
earrings from one of those "dollar shop" places

If you were wondering about the images behind me (yes, this is my room). The one on the left is my grate-grandfather, and it was taken in WWI. There is a certain resemblance between us; if you take a really close look.. or so I'm told. The one on my right is a painting made by my father. He adores horses; and painting is a hobby of his. Out from the two - this one was made, and he gave it to me.

First Burda Wednesday of the year.
We are in December 1952. Let us take a look at what the ladies have in store for us:

Strong, bold color, evening dress.
Just the right representative of the entire theme of this edition - a celebration.

These two ladies are Home-Entertainers.
They are dressed to make their house guests feel both welcome 
and to give them a dash of glamour. 

New thing for the season is - adding a knitted details to your garments.
On these images, we can see how it is to be done,
again - great attention is given to "breaking-patterns" and "color-blocking"

Young(er) ladies are surely planning the Big Night out.
So, here are some of the ides or the dresses,
and bows in the back were a sure mark the dress is for a special occasion.

Personally, I'm not a fan of puffed sleeves 
(due to my masculine/athletic body structure)
but I can still say these look cute.
Oh, notice the yellow knitted cap on the lady wearing blue dress - so simple and lovely

Not to forget the kids.
Colorful stockings, and bright colored coats.

Allow me to digress.
This is a time in the year when most of the yearly presents are given to the kids. Last Sunday was something you'd probably call "Mother's day" - a day when (at lunch time, when all the family sits together) children tie their mother's legs to the chair and thank her for all that she has done that year.
Why tying?
I suppose - so that she sits still as she promises she will:
1. Not give them any beating in the following year
2. Will provide them with gifts when untied. 
The presents were (and still are) quite symbolic: pair of stockings for a girl (winter socks for a boy), oranges and walnuts. In case you are wondering (we still live with our parents, economy and so fort..) and I got yet another pair of brightly colored stockings.
Thank you, Mom!

I'll continue now:

Children's celebration is not to be ignored
they must wear bright (to attract happiness)
and must wear new (as I've mentioned before - because New brings New)
..and why not wear matching clothes?!

Another digression.
Since Second Christmas is next week (all of you who don't know what it is, I mentioned it : since we're Orthodox, our Christmas is on January 7th), we are looking forward to new gifts in our shoes - hopefully not a matching knitted socks my brother and me used to get from Christmas Brother.
One the Christmas Eve, the kids polish their boots the best they can manage and place them near the entrance of the house. And when they wake up on Christmas day (after they splash cold water on their faces and rub a red apple over their cheeks - for Health) they are allowed to look inside their boots.. I'll be happy with anything.. just no more matching knitted socks, please.

Last lovely picture for today's Burda:

Exclusive models for the most glamorous outing.
The usual colors: black, white and red
(red one being my favorite) -and have you noticed the shape of her skirt
is back in today's fashion?!

I'm enjoying my two days off work, and I'll say it again:

May you receive as much Love and Happiness
as you can possibly take in!
Happy New Year!
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. What a special treat to get a peak inside your bedroom. I absolutely love that you have a photo of your great-grandfather hanging on your way. So often, if we have any at all to begin with, images of relatives in our family tree are often relegated to photo albums or the living room. I'm huge on celebrating and remembering our ancestors, two things which you're definitely do by putting your great-granddad in your bedroom.

    Tons of hugs & endless wishes of joy for 2014, dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh, well... thank you, dear.
      Grate-grandpa plays a large role in my life (regardless the fact that he's been long gone when I was born). I have to admit it: he's a great listener. And he never, ever, judges me.. he gives me the "look" every morning that reminds me to behave and honor my family.