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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's the day before First Christmas. Our friends and neighbours are celebrating; I can smell the joyful times in the air. Everything is glowing, everything is shining and sparkling. Wonderful time - one of the reasons why I do like winter.
In order to be absolutely sure your wish will get to Santa; I'm giving you all of the names people out there use to call Him. Here we go..

Santa's name from A to Z:

Long time ago, when I was a kid THIS was the image of Santa we knew.
We all got the presents packed in the identical bags - with this image on

Santa Claus goes by many names. Don't be discouraged - no matter what name we use, it is the same fella, bringing us Joy wrapped in glittering paper.

  •  Afghanistan: Baba Chaghaloo
  •  Albania: Babadimri
  •  Armenia: Gaghant Baba / Kaghand Papa (Father Christmas or Father New Year)
  •  Austria: Christkind (a little angel like person)
  •  Azerbaijan: Şaxta baba (Grandfather Frost)
  •  Belgium: Sinterklaas/St. Niklaas (Flemish) or Saint Nicholas (Walloon) & Père Noël (Father Christmas)
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina: Djeda Mraz (Grandfather Frost)
  •  Brazil: Papai Noel (Father Christmas) & Bom Velhinho (Good Old Man)
  •  Bulgaria: Дядо Коледа (Grandfather Christmas)
  •  Chile: Viejito Pascuero (Christmas old man)
  •  China: Sheng dan lao ren (Traditional: 聖誕老人, Simplified: 圣诞老人; means Old Christmas Man)
  •  Costa Rica: Niño dios (Child God, meaning Jesus) & Colacho (another name for St. Nicholas)
  •  Croatia: Djed Božičnjak (Grandfather Christmas)
  •  Czech Republic: Svatý Mikuláš (St. Nicholas) and Ježíšek (the Christ child)
  •  Denmark: Julemanden (Christmas Man)
  •  Ecuador: Papa Noel
  •  Egypt: Baba Noël
  •  Estonia: Jõuluvana (Yule Elder)
  •  Ethiopia: Amharic: Yágena Abãt (Christmas Father)
  •  Finland: Santa Claus (well he does live in Lapland in Finland!) or Joulupukki
  •  France: Père Noël (Father Christmas)
  •  Georgia: თოვლის ბაბუა, თოვლის პაპა / Tovlis Babua, Tovlis Papa (Snow Grandfather)
  •  Germany: Weihnachtsmann (Christmas Man) & Christkind (a little angel like person)
  •  Greece: Aghios Vassilis / Άγιος Βασίλης (Saint Basil)
  •  Haiti: Tonton Nwèl
  •  Holland/Netherlands: Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) & Kerstman (Christmas Man)
  •  Hungary: Mikulás (Nicholas) & Télapó (Old Man Winter)
  •  Iceland: Jólasveinn (Yule Man) & Jólasveinarnir (The Yule Lads)
  •  India: Hindi: Christmas Baba, Urdu: Baba Christmas (Father Christmas), Telugu: Thatha (Christmas old man), Tamil: Christmas Thaathaa, Marathi: Natal Bua (Christmas Elder Man)
  •  Indonesia: Sinterklas
  •  Iraq: Baba Noel / Vader Kersfees
  •  Ireland: San Nioclás' (Saint Nicholas) & Daidí na Nollag (Father Christmas)
  •  Italy: Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) or La Befana (an old woman)
  •  Japan: サンタさん、サンタクロース santa-san (Mr Santa) & Hoteiosho (A Japanese god of good fortune - not really related to Christmas)
  •  Latvia: Ziemassvētku vecītis (Christmas old man)
  •  Lithuania: Senis Šaltis (Old Man Frost) & Kalėdų Senelis (Christmas Grandfather)
  •  Lebanon: Baba Noël
  •  Macedonia: Дедо Мраз / Dedo Mraz
  •  Malta: San Niklaw (St. Nicholas)
  •  Mexico: El Niñito Dios (baby Jesus), Los Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men) & Santo Clós (Santa Claus)
  •  Norway: Julenissen (Santa Claus) or 'Nisse' (Small Gnomes)
  •  Pakistan: Christmas Baba
  •  Peru: Papá Noel
  •  Philippines: Santa Klaus
  •  Poland: Swiety Mikolaj (St. Nicholas)
  •  Portugal: Pai Natal (Father Christmas)
  •  Romania: Moş Crăciun (Old Man Christmas), Moş Nicolae (Old Man Nicholas), Moş Gerilă (Old Man Frost)
  •  Russia: Дед Мороз / Ded Morez (Grandfather Frost) or Babouschka (an old woman - although this more 'western' than actually Russian!)
  •  Serbia - here I am: Дедa Мрaз / Deda Mraz (Grandfather Frost - for First Christmas), Божић Бата / Božić Bata (Christmas Brother - for the Second Christmas)
  •  Slovenia: Sveti Miklavž or Sveti Nikolaj (Saint Nicholas) / Božiček or Dedek Mraz (Grandfather Winter); Božiček on December 24 and Dedek Mraz on December 31!
  •  South Africa: Sinterklaas / Kersvader
  •  South Korea: 산타 클로스 (santa kullosu), 산타 할아버지 (Santa Grandfather)
  •  Spain: Los tres Reyes Mages (The Three Magic King / Magi) & Papá Noel (Father Christmas); in Catalonia he's known as Tió de Nadal
  •  Sri Lanka: Naththal Seeya
  •  Sweden: Jultomten (Santa) & Nissar / Tomte (Christmas Gnomes/Elves)
  •  Switzerland: Samichlaus (St. Nicholas)
  •  Syria: Baba Noël
  •  Turkey: Noel Babal (Father Christmas)
  •  Ukraine: Svyatyy Mykolay (St. Nicholas) & Дід Мороз / Did Moroz
  •  United Kingdom: Father Christmas (inter-changeable with Santa Claus), Wales: Siôn Corn (Chimney John)
  •  USA: Santa Claus, Hawaii: Kanakaloka
  •  Uzbekistan: Qor bobo (Grandfather Snow - more related to New Year's Eve than Christmas)
  •  Venezuela: San Nicolás (St. Nicholas) & Niño Jesús (Baby Jesus)
  •  Vietnam: Ông già Noel (Christmas old man)

"Dear Santa,
If you are reading this, I'm just letting you know - the gramophone-deal is still on
..sincerely, Marija"

May you have a peaceful and loving Christmas Eve, my dear friends!
♥♥ Pinky Honey

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