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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Hey there!

The 1950s became an era that marked the beginning of Fashion wars between renowned fashion houses. The eyes of the fashion houses started expanding their focus on the masses rather than just limiting their work for the rich class clients. Well-liked fashions were considered to be an inspiration to develop some new outfits for the mass market. The fabrics that worked magic in the 1950s were manufactured from petrochemicals and the high acceptance was due to easy handling and durability. These materials were expensive and were only affordable to the high class. But in the later phase, fabrics like Nylon, Crimplene and Orlon were introduced in the market, which were of reasonable prices to the population.

Let us take a look at October 1952.

The winter coat with side buttons, and no waist.

Susi and Gerda are the two lovely ladies showing us the latest fashions
This time it's a stellar patten "cut" by single colour waist and 
adorned by brooches - I say: yes, please

"For the Festive Hours" - ladies, prepare yourselves for the celebration
The New Year's coming closer; and these would be perfect for the glamorous party.
Again: notice the asymmetrical cut in the pieces, it puts emphasis on design.

Polka-dost and artistic lines - make even the most simple dress 
a true little gem.
I'd like to turn your attention to the second dress - see how the gloves match the dots
..that's the key of the "days gone" dressing.

"Long or Short - the choice is Yours"
These are the most elegant evening gowns of the era.
(the lacing on the chest is a true proof of the glamour)
Yet again, we see colour-blocking in all it's glory.

Now, THESE are well known to those who read my Love stories on Sundays.
These dresses are "date night" dresses - and I'd like them back in style.

Burda's exclusive model is made to inspire you in your search for the perfect
event-dress (event being: New Year's eve)

I'll digress a bit, to let you know about yet another Christmas-related thing.
In our country, we like to "splash it out" on New Year's eve. We go for the glitz and glamour. Our society prefers The big night out, rather than Dinner with friends. Some like to go to the extreme (usually the younger generations): everything has to be brand new. New dress, new shoes and new jewels. 
It has to do with one of our beliefs: new brings new. Meaning: if you "waltz" into new year wearing new clothes, new things will be coming to you all year round. Young folk, naturally, long for new wardrobe, new phone.. so wearing new (as pagan as it may be) is our way to ask the Heaven for "a little bit more".

Matchy-matchy kids.. they might cause massive giggle from the folks
(and massive frown from the siblings forced into them)
..but when time passes, you take a look at photos and it's sweet.
(I mentioned it before: my mom dressed my brother and me as sailors)

It's quite cold out, and the wind is strong. There's no snow, just some frost and a bit of fog. The workers have decorated the big trees in the park (outside our office) and we gathered some money to do this:


It's only 50 cm (20 inches) tall, but it brings the Christmas spirit in.

I hope you are enjoying the days of preparation for the Big Night Out.
♥♥ Pinky Honey

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