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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Hello all.

It's Wednesday; and we are heading for a fashionable September of 1952. Let us take a look on what did the folks back then wore.

The lovely short coat, with and impact pattern.
Take a look at the model's face - she's wearing coral lipstick.

Two amazing dresses.
The title is "jubilee and farewell"
I find them both office-friendly 
(the "color-blocking" was not invented three years ago)  :)

As I've mentioned in the previous Burda posts
it was all about the little details made by usin a different thread on your material

Modern shapes od the coat
One put emphasis on the waist, the other is doing the opposite:
going as wide as possible.

These are three jackets "to make your transition to wintercoat easier"
Again, they are quite wide, bell-shaped,
with special attention on the details.

"Opening soon in theatres" - fashion for your evening out.
Wonderful garments, sleek form and shaped to lengthen your figure.

Winter fashion - the ethnic style.
Even now, Burda magazine features ethnic dressing, and
I like to see how they developed.

Look at these lovely house dresses.
The colors are bright and vivid, the shapes are "suitable for court"

For the ending:
My absoulte favorite - green shirt dress. 
Buttoned from a side, Peter Pan collar, great shape..
(I love the bicycle, too)

This week started a little to rough on me. I have had some stomach issues lately (most of my skirts are too tight for me to wear, because my belly is bloated), and it's slowing me down in my work (and other activities). In times like that, I like to surround myself with something as lovely as these fashion images are. 
I hope you'll enjoy these.
Have a lovely day, my dear friends!
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I can't get over how beautiful they were back then. They all had impeccable taste, not like today when it seems the less clothes you have on the better. It's crazy! I hope you feel better soon darling!, stomach issues really effect both the body and the frame of mind. Hugs Annie!

    1. You are spot on here, Annie.
      This is one of the main reasons for me to turn to vintage-wear. The ladies back then had such stylish appearance (I know those modern "feminists" like to talk big on "female oppression" in fashion and lifestyle). Not true. It's the today-time that makes the women rush and give up a simple plesures such as properly dressing up.


      Thank you for your kind words, dear. It is true: the issue is now simply medical - it affects my look, and therefore (I'm vain, I know) makes me somewhat sad.

  2. I must find a spring of millinery autumn fruit to use on the collar of my cold weather coats, that is such a charmingly fun, beautiful idea! I love studying vintage images like these for elements like that - going beyond "just" the garments, and looking at the accessories, the hairstyles, the jewelry, the way the whole ensemble was composed and garnering inspired from the entire look, instead of just daydreaming about the clothes (though I certainly do plenty of that, too! :)).

    Merry two weeks until Christmas, my dear friend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. That is true, Jessica.
      Adding a little attachment on the collar or the shoulders makes the coat entirely different. And there are so many more wonderful ides out there, in the Land of Vintage. It keeps inspiring me.

      Countdown is starting here, too.