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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

BURDA wednesday


Busy week, and I'm such a busy bee; trying to keep up with the duties. Midweek is perfect time to boost up my vintage spirit, so in that name it's time to give you another set of Burda magazines.
It's August 1952, and we are enjoing summer.

New shape of the dress - strange way to hug the curves, 
since the pockets are giving more volume to the hips.
I'd say this dress has a wonderful desing, however it'll better suit someone more slender.

This dress gives you special joy.
Wear it two ways: with the sleeves as a consevative choice
and without sleeves for more free-spirited outing
The pattern of the dress is simply adorable.

New lines brought into simple shapes.
These images show us how to use simple single-colored material
to enhance the shape.

I adore the third dress, the purple one.
It has a good fit for my body form.

New pattern for the season - gingham.
Notice how they've decided to "cut" the pattern
by using mono-colored detail: a white collar, the blue tie, brown fur or black belt.

These are:
"Beautiful dresses for the first cool days of autumn"
indeed, they are.

Another new addition to the fahion for early autumn is
adding stitchings to the garment in order to give it change in details.
Take a look at these three pieces above: they are quite simple, 
by adding a few stitches (shown at bottom left corner) you can make them "fresh"

"Models with fashionable features"

I know it's a bit unsuitable for me to post summer clothes in this cold weather; but I'm like that - I need these colorful, lovely images to brave out the forthcoming season. The moment I wake up I take a look outside, and notice it's still quite dark; cold morning air brushes my cheeks as I speed up my pace across the snow-covered streets.. they theach me to appreciate the indoor heating system.

Do you have snow out there?
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Really fabulous pieces once again! Happy Thursday sweets, I hope you'll get a fabulous day!

    1. Thank you ever so much, darling.
      They are warming up the chilly days, indeed.