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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

BURDA Wednesday - Christmas edition!

Hello there!

Are you enjoying Christmas?
It's Wednesday, so without further ado, here are the lovely ladies from Burda magazine, presenting us with the "latest" fashion from 1952.

For all of you who want to dare and try something new
here's a wonderful combination (somewhat forgotten)
deep purple and blue "cut" by a chunky belt.

"Flowers for you, dear mom!" - both ladies at their best.
Mom is showing us the simple grey dress adorned by buttons
Daughter is in a "new form" dress - notice her turtle-neck collar and her sleeves.

Why not go yellow?
It'll surely brighten up your winter days.
Combining yellow and grey is perfect way to keep the dress classy, yet attractive.

Here are my favourite pages in every Burda - business clothes.
Sure you can wear this to work. 
No one said you have to look "square" in order to be corporate.
(just leave the flasy jewels at home)

Two ladies showing us how we should not fear colours.
Red coat with fur is divine, don't you think?
Pay attention to the details - yellow gloves, red shawl and cap.

These exclusive models are showing us the "latest" and "newest" fashions
As we can see here - bold cuts and quite accentuated waists 
are going to be "in" in the following season. 


Since this IS really a special day (like no other), allow me to end this post with a most touching image I could possibly find out there:

..taken from "It's a wonderful life" - wonderful life it truly is!

Enjoy today - and then enjoy every single day after today!
Many, many hugs and again: Merry Christmas!
♥♥ Pinky Honey

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