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Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Pompadour declared Dead .. in 1944.

Hello there, my lovely friends.

Just before I get out to get my hair pampered (both me, and my hair, deserved it after this grinding week - I barely had time to give it a decent wash); I would like to "talk hair" to you.

Here are some "breaking news" report from the fashion editors at CLICK MAGAZINE announcing that the pompadour hairstyle has been given the brush-off: grab your combs, girls, because parts are back in style.

 CLICK and open in another window to read it full-sized.

This image is also large, and click(able)

Funny thing is: I have always had my hair parted; ever since I was a kid. Firstly, I had my parting in the middle, but as my face became more round, I've decided to move the parting to a side.
Even nowadays.
Take a look; this one was taken day before yesterday (and: yes, I'm one those gals that don't believe the mirror - I prefer to snap a quick photo.. since it shows how others see me)

Naturally, whenever I'm faced with a stressful day I prefer to wear comfort-clothes
Here, you can see it - it's GREEN.
(the lovely red pendant is a birthday gift my darling colleagues gave me this year)
The earrings I got in a "dollar" shop.
..and my hair needs some coloring, styling.. some professional care.

Off I go to my trusty hairdresser. She has been involved with my hair over 20 years. Ever since the first time mom took me, I was going to her salon. I'm a committed person - once I find something good I stick to it. And since I have some health issues that cause my hair to fall off more than usual (maybe I'll be talking about it - when I'm ready to share) this women knows all about them, she takes extra care.
She's in her late 60's, yet her lively nature and her talk-ability have not faded a bit. Her salon is not simply a small place where local women get their hair done - it's a place to get good coffee and a great chat. 
Now that her daughter is taking over I feared she'll change this dreamy space into something "posh" - but she decided to keep is "real", and changed nothing (except a fresh paint on the walls).
Nothing feels as good as pampered hair does.

How about you?
What's your style?
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. My dearest gal, you always look so very lovely - hair completely included. I hope you know that you can always, always take to me, if you need/want to, about hair loss, as it's something I've dealt with since I was 14.5 (and is what lead me to become a full time wig wearer nearly a year ago now). You're very fortunate to have a great, understanding hairdresser. I saw many, but never found that in anyone. Perhaps if I had, they could have helped me or at least given me a cut that aided in hiding some of the extent of my hair loss (especially in more recent years) better.

    If I could have any kind of hairstyle in the world, I'd opt for the big, volume and Victory roll filled styles of the 40s. I've never had enough hair (real or in my wig) to pull that look off with great success, and so being able to somehow one day would be a hair dream come true. (Another favourite style of mine is the shorter, mid-neck length wavy cuts of the 1950s, such as the Marilyn Monroe often had.)

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you so tremendous much! No, you didn't miss a "bragging" post, my mention of appearing V&Oak magazine in my end of the month post was the first time I'd mentioned it. I'll be chatting more about this awesome honour (which is indeed, very huge - at least to me) later on in November. ♥

    1. Oh... saying simply "thank you" is not nearly enough. Your encouraging words mean a world to me, because they come from someone who understands the condition (and the emotions that follow). Reading your blog, I found out about your state, and it empowered me. It also helped me to accept the fact that I'll never have long and lushious hair. Slowly, I not only accepted my condition, I learned to appreciate it.. honestly: there's so much more freedom with short hair, not to mention it's ten times faster to style it.
      (if I feel down and troubled, I know who to contact, and it's a great comfort)

      I'm glad I didn't miss out on your magazine post. And, yet again: I' SO proud that "one of the gals" managed to achieve something huge.


  2. Dear Maja. I found your blog from my beloved Jessica and your comment caught my attention. So I came quickly to enjoy your blog, your adventures and misadventures. You look gorgeous with your hair, sorry for your health problems, you have here a friend to share. Kisses from Spain.

    1. Hello there, darling
      I won't make a mistake to say you're the one who made 1940's reproduction pinafore dress. And what a dress it was - I was amazed by your talent.
      Thank you ever so much for stopping by my little place in the Blogoshpere.
      And THANK you for your kind word. They encourage me a lot.