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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Single girl's Do & Don't - when asked out on a date you...

Hello there.

I'm a bit inspired today, so I'm writing on a subject I'm closely related to (being single girl myself). It's a matter of etiquette on an evening out with a fella.
This little pictorial advices looked both funny and logical, so I've decided to share them with you (regardles of the fact8 that I know you've most probably seen them before)

Let's start our date, shall we?

Believe it or not, I've seen most of these.

Yesterday, I went on a friend-date
(it's one of those strange things to the outsider's eye).
I've met my male friend and we chatted for two hours. I'm a firm believer in an absolute possibility of male - female friendship.

Those ations would not be strange if, just before I met my friend,
I went on a book promotion. The book was about three male - female friendships that turn into love.
Author stood firm on her statement:
"Friendship between men and women are impossible". 

What do you you about it?

♥♥ Pinky Honey

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