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Friday, 15 November 2013

Parisien chic - a gems from Tublr

Hey there.

There are many reasons I love Friday; but one of most evident ones is the fact that it's the last day of the work week - and that it's followed by a two whole days of restful me-time.
Not to simply glorify the idea of not working, I'm actually fond of Friday because it's a day in the week when (sometimes) we have social and cultural activities in the late afternoon / early evening. And that is something I'm looking forward to.

With that in mind, I was lucky enough to come across these wonderful images (I failed to reach their origin; if anyone knows, I'd urge you to let me know, so that I can state to source of these beauties).

Absolutely dashing combination of orange, fur and gold.
..and the back looks uber-feminine.

Such an adorable design, with the front buckle matching the gloves.
(note the green shoes, as well)

Combination of white and orange, this is an instant glamour.
It makes the figure long and slender.

Here's and afternoon dress I'd love to own.
The bell shaped sleeve, the white bows - the dress would be plain without them.
The fur short-coat is exactly what the 1930's were, isn't it?

For all those who believe the "days gone by" were dull, there's the proof they're wrong:
not only the colors were bold, but there were leopard details inserted.

Last week I made a decision to start spending my time the way I used to before my life got tangled up in being the "Working Girl", and before I owned a wireless internet all over the house that is on all the time. It took me time to realize I haven't done much in a long time (I stopped writting, I stopped crafting.. I only sometimes sew, I even fail to read).
All I "manage" to achieve (if that can be called an achievement) on me-time is to stare at the screen: some days it's my TV (with it's never-ending sets of advertisments) the other days it's the PC (and the wide array of online series). I realized I hit my low on a Sunday evening - I lifted my head from the computer, just to understand I've spent the day looking at a series with no idea what the names of the characters were.
The truth is, I had no sleep that night. My brain "switched on" and stayed on for hours.. and I went to work on a Monday with my dreadful sleepless-due-to-regret face.

The hardest step taken - shutting the technology off.
Second hardest - finding the proper radio station to listen to.
Now that I managed that, the third step is - finding something else to keep me busy, to entairtain my mind and to better my life. So far, I'm reading the literature writen in the 1970's (that no one else even dream of picking up from a shelf in the library).
Any other ideas?
♥♥ Pinky Honey

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