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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Love story: My secret fears

Hello there!

Perfect time to relax with a story from a Heart Throbs magazine. I don't know about you, but making these post and sending them off to you on Sunday, really gives me great joy.

Fear! Stark, cold, uncontrollable fear clutched it's icy fingers around my heart at the very thought of meeting new people, making new friends! My desire for love and compassion only added to the torment. And the anguish became unbearable when the man I adored disgustingly gave up his battle against.... my secret fears.

In some of the pictures, this girl looks like Jackie Collins. In others she's like Jane Russel.
Have a great week!
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I love these hokey romance comics:) You know I actually think some of these comics really show good fashion ideas:)

    1. As Kate Winset said in "The Holiday": I like corny. I'm looking for corny in my life.
      So do I.
      I see nothing wrong in reading "corny" love stories. I never give the "look" to those who buy them on a news stand. I actually think those people are brave, since they are letting the world see that they have emotions.
      And: YES, you are so very true: each of these amazing comics has quite an interesting fashion, style and jewelry; I do envy them (they have the dresses & the Man) :D