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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Hello dear friends.

Here's another Wednesday, and here's another set of images from Burda magazine. Yet again, it's a damaged issue, so the number of images is scarce.

Let us begin:

 Absolutely adorable polka-dot dress. 
Allow me to divert yout attention to the collar - it's very geometrical and suitable.

 Most amazing and most suitable for an afternoon date.
Gloves are such a contrast to the pastel dress.
The bag is charming, lovely color.

 Colorful dresses.
May is the month of bold patterns (the entire spring is the pattern - time)

 Afternoon dresses.
When indoors, take the blazer off. When outdooors, put it on.
The blazers of May were cut in a diferent fashion - just take a look at
the edges and large buttons.

 Bath time.
Ladies looked glamourous even when applying their toiletry.

 Gloves, lovely ladies hand craft.
At the bottom right - dress made of washable silk.
It's quite innocent.

 By now, we must realized - the fashion for May is blue and white.
Again, the blazer is elaborate, with large buttons and an interesitng cut.
The dress on the bottom right has a transparent upper part and the lovely collar.

Like mother - like daughter.
My mom and I had a matching sweateres. They were bright red. 
I loved the days when mom weared hers and then I simply HAD to put on mine
(even if we weren't at the same place I knew we looked the same)

I hope you enjoy this set of images.
Have a lovely week!

♥♥ Pinky Honey 

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