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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Hello there, darling friends.

It's Wednesday, naturally, I'll be introducing you to a new set of images from BURDA magazines. Unfortunately, not much is saved in 1952, so we're heading to 1953 (damaged, as well) - that is why I'm merging two month into one post.

First off: March 1953.

Two colored suit with white edges gives a twist to the regular style
Take a look at the bag - it's brilliant.

Both dresses (if I'm not mistaken - afternoon dresses) are
adorned by the details: the belt and gloves "cut" the colors.

By making the diagonal and asymetrical cuts to the dresses
they are transformed from old style to the new and fresh look.
Just take a look at their colors - pastels.

"On a beautiful afternoon" - lovely shapes and great accessoires

Fashion for young German girls always shifted from and back to ethnic.
These models wear vivid colors and bring the much needed separation between
a girl style and a women's wear.

"In joyful anticipation" - clothes for your date
(and, as it appears - the Big Night)

If you had babies in 1950's they, too should be dressed in color.

"Our exclusive model" - violet in March
The title said it all - the color for the spring of 1953 is violet.

Unfortunately, that is all I have on March 1953. I'd love to be able to show you all the glory of the Spring, however, there are numerous missing pages.
And now, let me fast forward you to April 1953.

Again - the '50 gave us accessoires that "cut" the color of the dress
in order to put an emphasis on it's form

"We are invited"
I'm guessing that these pretty ladies had the fortune of being invited to 
an afternoon tea party at one of their friend's house.
I wonder what did that event look like?

"Colorful sommer flowers"
April edition of Burda is telling us to wrap ourselves in bloom.
..and take a look at accessoires - how they complement the garments.

Not only flowers, but bright colors as well.
Bright red, strongly noticable - perfect for your summer in the city.

These lovely dresses have been beautyfied by some handy embroidery.
The little details gave them not only new life, but also the change in texture.
Imagine what our dresses could look like
..if we turned off the PC / TV and had more time..

The exclusive model in this edition shows us (model above)
the lady had colorful skirt that needed nothing else to it, since the skirt itself
was as they call it "statement item"

The colorful recipe. 
The picant and colorful food bites for a lovely party.

"Blue always remains modern" - I'll feel free to add:
Sailor style is ALWAYS in (am I right?)
Times change, shapes change.. but sailor dress never goes out of style.

I am trying to establish my social life. It's hadrer than it may look (sounds silly, since I'm not even in my thirties yet). Being a girl stuck in time, I'd like to be able to accompany one of these ladies to an afternoon event, in order to actually wear an "afternoon dress". What would that feeling be like?

♥♥ Pinky Honey  


  1. Love this! Happy Wednesday darling!

    1. Thank you ever so much, darling.
      Have a wonderful week!


  2. Yay! It's Burda Wednesday, it's crazy how excited I get for these posts now every week. They are like warm, wonderful bursts of sunshine in my week and they always leave me wishing I had a time machine (and deep pockets! :)).

    Honey, I truly want to thank you for your insightful, wise, excellent comment on yesterday's post. I could not agree more with everything you said and love that you raised the point about how we're (as vintage wearers) not here to entertain anyone - a point which I sometimes sense the public greatly misses. I don't mind and sincerely appreciate kind compliments or comments when I'm out and about, but sometimes it feels like people expect me to suddenly burst out into a one (wo)man show and entertain them just because I'm wearing vintage (I really felt like this recently at, of call places, an antiques and collectibles show that I attended, where people were stopping me every five seconds with a comment, request to take a photo with me, question, etc). That point alone is worth a post unto itself, come to think of it.

    It's so beautiful and moving to know that I have an army of like-minded, super stylish friends behind me. Thank you with all my heart for being one of those dear friends, honey.

    Tons of love & hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Indeed it is exatly true: these garments are dorable, but they atract attention. Not that I mind attention, but too much of it can be a nuisance.
      People staring, people pointing fingers, and reaching out to touch.. even those I can manage. However: when someone thinks my hat is something he/she can whip off my head to "try it on" - it's not something I know how to manage.


  3. I hardly ever find more than one dress I like in those Burda magazines but April is filled with amazing clothes. And I have to do some smartassing here: The clothes in the March-issue under the title "In freudiger Erwartung" aren´t for dates, they are maternity wear. The next step after a date, so to say ;). I love the baby clothes in this issue, the little dresses are super cute.

    1. Oh, well.. thank you for correcting me.
      (my German is horrible, I never got much far with it)
      I'm quite glad you liked it, darling.


  4. Wonderful illustrations, I love all the use of pleats. It's amazing what some of our vintage sisters could create!

    1. Ever so true, my dear.
      The pleats are making the garmet great, and give a special motion to it.