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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

BURDA Wednesday

Hello friends!

Today is D day for me (for all of you who missed out: my dress is finnaly done, and I'm wearing it right now as I write these words). I have to say, I was a tiny bit nervous last night, as I gave it the last ironing before I went to bed. Be patient for one more day - I promise to publish the story tomorrow.

Until then - it's BURDA Wednesday. We're heading back to September 1951. 

This coat is percisely the one I'm looking for this winter.

Here I am - My name is Ilsa and I want to be your best friend
I'd love to have a glamouros friend like her.

These suits are perfect for work.

Cat and suit for every taste.

For sociable hours.
Now, these would be perfect IF I had a company to attend te social gathering with.

Adorable ensemble for the Autumn...  and winter

All these, by my standard, are Work Appropriate.

This is what I love about these magazines - they make sure your wallet does not suffer
This is ONE dress in THREE ways.

"What we need daily" 
It all about combinig a simple dress material with a statement accessoires.

All these dresses are simple-cut, but their material makes them "pop".
See how, by just making the cuffs and the collar in different pattern, makes a huge impact?

"His page"
Meaning - there's a generosity in Burda.. since it's Women's magazine,
yet it dedicates a page to the gents 
(by all means, they could dedicate MORE than a page - I wouldn't mind)

We are introduced to the variations in texture.

The blue dress with the romboid details - what a way to make a change in style
from plain to amazing.
I'm not a fan of color blue, however this dress attracted me.

"Simlified sport-wear"
NOW, this is precisely what I'll be delighted to wear in the office 
(and to use the typewriter, as well, would be a nice change)

Wouldn't it be nice to see MORE women wearing somethign like these.. rather than a "penguin" suit 
They are sleek, elegant, they show our curves, but don't advertise sexism.
These are the models I'd prefer to see on Office Ladies.

("penguin suit" is the term I use to describe all the results that you get when you go online, type "office attire" of "interview clothes" and hit "enter". All those dull shades of gray, or the morbid, badly cut black pant suits horrfy me. They turn a woman into a "men clone"). 

Kids at their best.

All those who had a rocking-horse, raise your hands.
(mine is up in the air)

These house dresses will make even the winter days more injoyable. 

I honestly believe we had better underwear in the past.
I don't know about the rest of the world, but I remember having comfortable undies back when I was a kid.

Ursula and Monika show us their new knitted dresses

If you have a boy in the house, you might want to make him one of these sweaters
My brother had something like this (grandma's gift) and he looked so adorable

(is it just me, or the fella on upper right picture looks amazingly like 
Josh Charles - playing Will Gardner in "the Good Wife"?!)

Perfect way to give a little twist to your outfit - combining subtle upper part 
with the rectangular and patterned lower one.

It your upper left corner are the advices to the young wife.

They, as usuall, end it with "lovingly pepared" meal.

I hope you enjoyed this. my friends.
♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I´ll take Ilses dress in dark green, please! It looks fabulous.

    1. Wonderful choice, dear Katrin.
      Majority of the dresses here posted are such an amazing little gems, that's I wouldn't mind if (by some miracle) they all end up in my wardrobe.


  2. These images are so lovely. So much style! There is nothing like a grand princess coat. Thanks for commenting on my blog:)

    1. Indeed you are true. Most of these images are great example of yester-year glamour.
      You have a lovely blog, darling.


  3. Now there's a time machine setting I wouldn't mess with for one moment! September 1951, here I come! :) Love all of these elegant, cozy fashions, they capture so much of the ladylike, elegant beauty that I adore about the end of 40s/early 50s. Terrific images, honey, thank you as always for sharing more Burda magnificence with us.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Honestly, you have a point here: all the models that we see here are something I can see myself wearing to work, to the cafe, to cinema.. one more thing in here I love - the house dresses. Those are a dying kind, in this age of wearing comfortable sportswear (like trainers).
      You are very welcome, dear.