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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Love story: Blonde Heartbreaker


I love Sunday mornings. There's a strong sense of peace and restful feeling in everyone I see. Somehow, we all slow down on weekends - make sure we shake off all the stress, make sure we "recharge" our batteries for the forthcoming week of work, duties and chores.
I like to listen to my 1930's playlist (HERE you can find it) as I look what's new on the lovely Blogoshpere.  I make sure to keep track of as many Vintage Darlings as I possibly can. You may not see my comment, but trust me.. I'm reading YOUR blog, too.

Music is on.
Time to bring out the good mood.
Let me spread more love from the Heart Throbs magazine.

If you ever worked out eight hours a day at a drill press in a grimy shop, you know that my life was anything but glamorous! But there a prospect of my wedding Johnny Craft to keep me going and I was the happiest girl in the world until I run into a....

Lovely story. "work worn hands & feminine heart" - quite moving.
How was your week?
How do you "recharge"?

♥♥ Pinky Honey

I am currently finishing up a dress, giving it a final "1930's" makeover. I was wondering: would you like me to write a little bit about that?


  1. Oohh, yes, please do write about your dress and share photos, if you like. It would be marvelous to see how you styled it in a 1930s direction.

    My dear, it seems that we were both on each other's blogs at around the same time today, for as I was reading through some of your latest posts, you were leaving me a comment so profoundly beautiful, touching and uplifting, it shall, I am certain, stay with me for the rest of time. From the bottom of my heart, dearest Marija, thank you beyond words.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. About the dress:
      I'll post it - once I wrap my head around some ghastly darts that need re-adjustment.

      About your blog post:
      No need to thank me, dear. I'm the one who should be thanking - and: THANK you for sharing the fatigue with all of us.. if you need support, a virtual hug.. a chat - we're here.