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Friday, 11 October 2013

How to be Chic on a small income - article from August 1936


I know the times might not be easy to all of you out there.
There's a dreadful crisis in our finances, and yet we, The Women, are still trying our best to look our sharpest every single day.
This is dedicated to all of you (all of us!) who's wallets are not falling apart from the amount of money in them. This is from Old Magazine Articles and it's perfect for money-saving gals.

"Elsa Schiaparelli, Paris' leading fashion authority of the 1930s tells how to dress inexpensively and yet look smart as a star.":
"Cheap jewelery should never be worn unless it happens to be something that you positively know suits you. Pearls, including cheap ones, are always in good taste."
"Women can learn from men and improve their 'chic'. A man wouldn't think of wearing a tight shoe or one that didn't harmonize with his suit.

It's large, you just need to CLICK it to see it.

Now, THIS is something I'd really like to read your opinion about, dear friends.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Frugality and style can go hand-in-hand superbly, I believe. In fact, I'd argue that until very recent years, most people knew this point well and put into practice around the clock. I've never been wealthy or anywhere near it. For most of my childhood we scarcely made ends meet. My husband and I do better than that, thankfully, but we're certainly not rich. No matter though, I never let that stop me from dressing how I want - it's just a matter of creative solutions, bargain hunting, spending wisely, saving for bigger purchases, using money you receive as a gift to put towards your wardrobe, and not stressing yourself out by trying to keep up with the vintage wearing Jonses. Yard sales, thrift stores, presents, clothing from relatives, items bought on sale and the like can really help one build up a classic, beautiful wardrobe. It's the approach I've taken my whole life and suspect I always will. Even if I work up with millions in the bank tomorrow, I'd still shop wisely and with an eye towards thrift. As my husband is very fond of saying, wealthy people don't stay wealthy by frittering away all their money!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You hit the spot there, Jessica.
      As Brits tend to say: "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap clothes" - they proclaim investment in a quality over quantity. Being the girl who grew up in not-so-pleasant times, I've learned to cope with the financial crisis. I picked up some of the great sayings over the years (like the one mentioned just now)
      Elsa Schiaparelli wrote "Wear your suit to business, wear it to dinners, to the theater; wear it 24 hours a day, every day in a year if sou must; and if it's a good suit, you will always looks smart, attractive"
      And I do follow that when it comes to special pieces of clothes: the Coat, the winter Boots and the Skirt. They all have to be perfect (both in function and in style).

      Thanks for stopping by, dear.