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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

BURDA Wednestay

Hello dear friends!

It's a heavy-duty work week for me here; the job takes a big chunk of my time (it's even munching up some of my leisure time). Therefore, I have to appologize for not being able to follow up on all your doings these days (I'll make sure I keep up, as soon as I get my head out of the paperwork), but I'm not going to skip one of picture-heavy posts.

This week, let me take you back to November 1950. BURDA magazine is, yet again, proving to be mighty inspirational.

The 1950's are in fool bloom with this image.

 All about details.

 Even in your eveningwear, a lady must look immaculate.

 The red suit is a dream.
It would be perfect outfit for my work.

 Look at them - each and ever one of them a beauty.

 It writes "We are invited" .. to a party, I'm sure.

 Oh, what gorgeous ladie's dresses.

 "Beautiful coat" - indeed.

 The two-colored coat on the right, and the way colors are put together
make the perfect figure for any woman

They all look freshed-up with the new cut added on the length of the suit.


 ...for every age.

 Fashion advice

This, to me, was to key in the 1950's - matching.
The belt, the buttons, the matherial (the shoes, bag, gloves..) all had to match.
Perfect harmony.

Here's something new - Would you like to Samba?

New gorgeous everning-wear.

A little bit of red in every outfit.

 Elegant even on the slopes.

Gentleman.. hello. :)

For the crafty hands.

People had more leaisure time (I'm guessing no one blogged),
and these hand-made trinckets are the proof of it.

Perfect way to keep warm.

Nowadays, I see the return of the "nordic" themes. So, 
this might come as and inspiration to all of you out there who knit.

I had a hat like that as a kid, the pon-pons made me smile every time.

Even children went along with the theme.

"SOS of the size 44 .. no longer fits"

Size 44 in the EU, is size 14 in the US. In BURDA magazine, size 44 (then and now) is the "limit" between being a "regular" and being "plus size".

Once you hit size 44, you have two options:
Option 1: You are on the path to "plus size" and you are fine with it
Option 2: You are not fine with it, hence: must do something about it.
In this issue of BURDA, the editors chose to show ways to "fight back" the dreadful limit between shopping for the regular issue of Budra, or shopping for the "Burda Plus".

Personaly, this type of sleeves don't suit my figure,
but the design is adorable.

 Here's something I know well: ever since I can remember, we had
this type of tablecloth at home.
And the "cross-stitch" is the only needlework I managed to learn.
(can't call myself Accomplished Lady)

Upper right corner - NIVEA creme.
Something else I'm having in my life.. forever.

Everything apple.
Apple pie, apple candy.. apple cider? 

Perfect gloves.
Again, matching is quite important
(every coat should have it's matching gloves - the thicker the better - I'd agree)

As soon as I get to be the boss of my own time, I promise, I'll be right back on reading all of the Glamourous Reads I'm missing right now.

Hope to see you soon (hope I don't miss out a lot, dear friends)

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. You know, I have truly come to look forward to your wonderful Burda Wednesday posts so very much. They're vintage eye candy of the highest caliber, not to mention awesome on the fashion inspiration front. Thank you very much for taking the time to scan and share all of these pages with us. I often come back two or three times again to look at them each week.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm truly glad you like them, and appreciate my effort (not that it's much of an effort - it's joyful and pleasurable task I give myself). They are also great for lifting up the mood, since they are so glamourous, they give me (and the rest of the gals out there, I hope) reason to put on a smile.

      Have a great day.