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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Midweek magazines

Hey, hey!

It's a nice day, nice enough for us to ga back to November 30th 1936, and enjoy a story from LIFE magazine.

♥♥ Tiger! Tiger! ♥♥
(WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart, dearies!)

The indian tiger is a better fighting machine than African lion. Longer, heavier, smarter, it rarely takes foolish chances, attends strictly to its business of killing. Only old males approaching senillity and reckless young ones when annoyed or very hungry take the great risk of attacking Man. However, tigers in India kill about 1.000 people a year. Indians believe that the spirits of the dead men sit on the head of surviving tiger, advising it how to kill more.
On these pages, a tiger in Bhopal is shown striking down a Hindu beater who got separated from his fellows in a tiger hunt. Cameraman was able Explorer Paul L. Hoefler, who parched in a tree, swung his telephoto lens just in time to catch the spring. This time the tiger, scenting other man, wasted no time in killing, tried instead to get a quick jaw-grip on the luckless beater and drag him off into the jungle for leisurely meal. But eral large chunks of flesh, survived. In over-hunted Bengal State in the past ten years, Bengal tigers have grown so lean and  gawky that the man is about all they can lift an carry.

Maybe this is not the best read for a morning meal, but we have to give credit to the brave Cameraman, Mr. Paul L. Hoefler, for his brave endeavor into taking the snaps of this (gruesome!) event.

What do you think?
Journalism at it's bravest.. or bunch of mad adventure fellas roaming in India?
(I promise - next time, I'll find some frienldy article for you all.)

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. I think it conveys elements of both really, yet is no more folly filled as those who still take risks in the bush when hunting or on safari today (not to mention those who keep wild animals as house pets - an idea that, tragically, backfires on some such folks every year). My heart goes out to the poor tiger though - he would likely have lived for years more had he not become entangled in this unfortunate encounter.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh..
      Those who keep wild animals as house pets are making my heart burn with rage. And when the time comes for them to realize that the animals are no longer "cute and cuddly" - the agony begins.

      Next time, I promise - it'll be a nicer post.