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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Land Army Glamour

Hey there!

Here's a dash of freshness on these pages: a little bit of poetry. But, not ANY poetry! WWII poetry. Land Girls poetry! ...glamour poetry!

Sadie, my best friend, became a land girl.
She talked of all the lovely times she had.
"Come over for the Airbase Dance, please Milly.
We'll think up a good story for your Dad!"

She had a lovely room above the cowshed.
The farmer's wife made us a farmhouse tea!
I had to look as though I'm in the Service,
So Sadie borrowed her friend's uniform for me.

We hurried to get ready for the barn dance,
My shirt was long and almost reached my knees,
I tucked it well inside the roomy jodhpurs,
So however cold it got, I wouldn't freeze.

Strong lace-up shoes were never meant for dancing
With beigey socks, pulled right up to the knee,
The beigy jodhpurs were not very flattering,
And my thirty-four inch hips, looked fifty three!

Green jersey quite enhanced my shapely bosom,
The "rider" hat was not too bad at all.
"In the mood" sang through the blackout curtain,
As Sadie, and then I, went in the hall.

A roar of welcome sounded, as we entered,
At least a hundred airmen, gave a cheer.
We joined the other girls, at least a dozen,
And was I glad my Momma wasn't here!

This has been taken from Wakefield Metropolitan District Libraries and Information Services.
I found it adorable.
What do you think?

♥♥ Pinky Honey