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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Summertime Glory, PART 9: What magazines nowadys call "must haves"

Hey all!

These two words I read all the time. Everyone seem to be writing about "must haves" - the thing, not so long ago, know by a different name: "essentials"

Since this IS all about summer, it's natural for me to write a list of

♥ Summer essentials 

1. Sun protection

Hat is a basic piece in a every day wardrobe.. so, I won't post hats here.
We are talking about SUMMER.
A wonderful thing - to some it may seem strange these days

2. Lovely pedicure

Because feet matter!
We go barefoot, we wear open-toe sandals. People notice these things.

3. Something white

1936 - State dress revue, best dress division
Oh, such beautiful ladies in all their grace - and in white. The color of summer.

4. Colorful footwear

Nothing says "summer" lika a pair of espadrilles!
Keep dull blacks and browns for the autimn rains - spash a color in the summer!

5. Cotton

Summer is a PERFECT time to show a little bit of back skin.
Cotton is light, it's weightless..

6. Lip color goes bright!

Changing lip color to somethig brighter - a good thing.
I love red - but in the summer even I go coral!

7. Wrap your neck

Great addition to any wardrobe - a scarf, a detachable collar.. 
a women's tie.. why not?!

8. Chroche bag

Something wonderful to accentuate this summer.
It'll be a great help to a monotonous dress.

9. Sunglasses

Chose a style - since I'm doing this in the spirit of 1930's..
Cateyes? Sure.
Aviator? If you prefer it, yes.

10.  A party.. no, THE party

Take one day and celebrate. 
Celebrate what?
 Just the fact that it's summer, that we are lovely and that Sun is above us!

Yes.. my list is a bit diferent.
What is on your list?

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Terrific list, honey, I really like that you included items beyond just clothing, such as having a great pedicure (that's a must for me all season long for sure - I do my own at home, so much cheaper and easier to change on a whim! :)). A few of the essentials that have been topping my list this summer include snoods and scarves (to keep my hair off my neck), sheer vintage blouses worn over opaque camisoles, sling back flats, Greek Salad (all the better with some chicken breast thrown in), B.C. grown fruit, and the darling little straw and bamboo vintage handbag I picked up for a mere dollar at a yard sale last year.

    Wishing you a super fun, gorgeous weekend, my dear!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dear Jessica,
      Like yourself, I too do my pedicure at home - I don't think I'd feel comfortable with someone else meddling with my toes. :D
      I believe I saw your straw bag in a post, haven't I?

      One good thing about having early 1930's hairstyle - It's so ridiculously short, that I have no sweat problem on.. at least not there. :)


  2. love the footwear so much. the colourful striped pair is my fav.

    1. I'm glad you've liked it.
      I think I find them all quite cute. My favorite are red ones with the flower. :D


  3. Yes to all of the above! I would add a straw sun hat too;) That shoe ad always makes me laugh - they have no toes! Whaaa.

    xo Sara

    1. Oh, Sara
      Who needs toes nowadays? :D
      I believe it's like that due to the heavy stocking they were wearing in those days.


    2. Maybe? But since it's an ad for shoes during the ration, I think it's just a silly oversight. Everyone was super low on/couldnt buy stockings. Time to break out the fake stocking paint - keeping it classy! haha :D