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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Midweek magazines

Are you having a good day?

Since it's midweek, I am presenting you with yet another short pictorial story from LIFE magazine, and this time we're in October 11th 1943.
Let's go:

♥♥ Half hats and buns ♥♥
Snug bands and new hair-do 
make women's look sleek and neet

On the cover picture a lady is wearing a half-hat. It is really a head band which can be tied on the either across the top or the back of the head. Either way it looks as it were a part of the new flat-on-top bun-in-back hair-do which, with the first cool days of fall , suddenly appear on many of the nation's fashionable heads.
The sleek coifure with the hair neatly tied in a knot or chignon on the neck is a complete reversal of the up-swept hair-do popular this summer. To achieve women a letting their hair grow and letting it down as they did during the Veronica Lake period but this time the effect is different. The just-out-of-the-bed or disheveled look is out and the neat sculptured look is in. Weather it makes a woman appear more like Cleo de Merode or plain Jo March depends on the face it frames.
Most have lopsided faces. A part made straight through the center of the hair, like the one worn by miss Cross on the page accentuates any irregularities in the features. Hairdressers therefore, advise all but the beautiful to part their hair to one side, slightly off center, than draw it back loosely with a slight dip of wave. To keep it from getting straggly the offer sticky creams such as the Japs use, wax which comes in a stick and is rubbed over the hair, and lacquer which is sprayed on. Blondes, because their hair is often fair and unruly, will need these preparations most. Redheads with tough man-agreable hair will need them least. For women with short hair who want the hair-down look (hair grows at slow rate of about 1/2 inch a month) there are switches of false hair. Whether false or real, the bun on the neck is encased in the hair net. On the page following are several examples of the half-hats and buns.

 For the flat-top bun-in-back coifure, Mrs Cross first combs her blonde hair foreward...

 ..then parts it in center...

 ..and pulls it tight on both sides.

 A know or loop at the back completes the new hair-do, 
makes wearer look lady-like and feminine

This was quite fashion-friendly post today, don't you think?

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. It definitely was and I absolutely love it!!! I have a number of smaller/half hats in my collection and always love seeing how exactly they were styled back in the day.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica.
      I've seen and I admire your hats.
      Some time ago I got back to hats, and started wearing them (I'm still shy about it - that's the thing when you live in a small town). Now, I'm powered-up to start a "collection".
      Any help on the subject would be great.