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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Midweek magazines

Hello all!
I hope you are having great time.

It's Wednestay, and it's time for LIFE magazine - today we're heading to February 17th 1941.

♥♥ Maryland coeds demonstrate Do's and Don't's 
of Campus etiquet ♥♥

"Soft you now, you charming coed! Let us not lose our wealth of manners." This parody of Hamlet's soliloqui introduces That is the question, A Social Blue Book of Campus Etiquette, just issued by brigh-eyed coed of University of Maryland, in College Park, MD. In it readers are encouraged to get the "Hello Habit", for Maryland's 1,176 coeds are actuely concious of necessity of being popular. Hence  That is the question is far more than mere collegiate Emily Post: It advices freshmen how to dress; how to wear makeup ("Don't come to an 8:20 with your eyelashes dripping mascara"); how to smile a greeting ("Let him have it right between the eyes!"); how to act in the libarary ("Don't sit around and giggle"); how to eat, smoke, even say Goodnight ("Doorknob hangers are no longer in fashion!"). For LIFE readers, Maryland students on these pages skilfully act out rules from their new code of conduct.

To behave, or not to behave.. there is NO question there!
I hope you enjoyed this Midweek-read. And I hope you had a laugh.

♥♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Hello sweet gal, this post was such a smile-inducingly fun one! I so adore seeing photo filled looks at social etiquette/manners from days gone by like this. They're usually an engaging mix of commonsense, practical advice, and few eyebrow raising points, and these examples were no exception. (I must disagree with them on one point though, I love Elaine's dress and would completely wear it on campus, though do see why it wasn't in good taste at the time.)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, dear.
      On account of Eleine's dress - I, too agree with you: "When in doubt, overdress" :D

      Have a great day.