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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Midweek magazines

Hello all!

Ii is time for another mid-week magazine: LIFE, March 1st 1943.
This is our story:

(women take over another item of male attire 
for their mannish suits)

For years women have been buying about 80% of the men's neckties in the U.S. They bought them not for themselves, but for their husbands, sons, fathers, beaux. Now, for the first time in a quarter century, they are buying ties for themselves.
Little by little women have eneroached in the field of men's wearing apparel. They have taken their slacks, vests, shirts, sport jackets, overall, moccasins and adapted them to their own use. This year, not only the smart dressers, but all busy women seem to have discovered the comfort, style value and well-groomed look of a suit tailored like a man's. Only the tie remained for them to filch. Now even the tie has gone.
Typical of the new men's ties are the two on this week cover and the one above. These are similar to men's bow-ties in shape and fabric, but are cut wider and longer.

 Similar bow-ties, here worn by George McCurrach, tie designer, and Lucille Tennant, pretty Texan girl now at Vassar, is the latest wrinkle in husband-and-wife fashion

 Black Windsor tie, tied in a loose, floppy bow reminiscent of Left Bank and Greenwich Village male artists, is now being worn by women in tailored shirts and slacks.

Senator tie, modeled after stingy, flowing, black ties affected by William Jennings Bryan, is Mr. McCurrach suggestion for actual or aspiring lady legislator. 

This article in particular draw my attention, because I adore ties. 

Vintage-appropriate gray shirt 
Deep red velvet bow-tie
(spot my new eye-wear!)

Sorry, I barged in with my photo..

Here, let me make it up to you:

and....'s a recipe for success! 

I hope you've like this weeks magazine clippings.
Till next time.... 

♥ Pinky Honey


  1. Ha, now they won't let you bring flowers into most hospitals due to allergies. Maybe a tie would be a nice substitute? ;)

  2. Yes.
    A tie would certainly last longer.