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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Midweek magazines

Hello all!
This week we're going to go back to April 11th 1949. - LIFE magazine

♥♥ Baseball players and ballerinas have a lot in common ♥♥

The attitudes baseball players get into while widing up or running around the bases are never assumed with any special thought for grace or estetics. But in the perfomance of their duties ballplayers often strike poses which, in a wery vigorous way, mimic the standard steps that classical and modern dancers do.
Fascinated by resemblance between art and athletics, Photographer George KArger took a handfull of sports pictures to ballerina Mary Ellen Moylan of the Ballet Russe and dancer Ann Dunbar of the Kiss me, Kate and ask them to duplicate the players' poses in their own ways. He photographed them then super-imposed the ballerinason the ballplayers the get the pictures shown here.
Lest other baseball players, who may look upon ballet dancing a sissy stuff, are embaraced by comparisons, they should note that even George Vico (below) cannot do the splits quite so prettily as much as miss Moylan, neither can miss Moylan hit a home run, which is what Vico did the day the split picture was taken.

Extension performed by Ann Dunbar resembles wind-up Pitcher Satcher Paige getting ready to to throw a fast one in the Yankee Stadium

The Split - executed by first Basemen George Vico of the Detroit Tigers, is paraleled by missMoylan.
He was reaching for a throw at first.

Jai-alai players also assume ballet positions. 
Here Matrin Perfit, in Florida makes a leap which closely resembles 
miss Moylan's classical pas de chat

Basketball player Joe Dolhon of New York University, trying for a basket, 
manages to do a well-executed jete, which Ann Dunbar here duplicates.

I hope you've liked it.

♥♥ Pinky Honey

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