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Friday, 4 August 2017

Hair aspirations.

Hello everybody.

(great musical, but that is not what I would like to "talk" to you about today - that said, we might get to "let the sunshine" some day in the future, when I learn to stop tearing up at the end scene every single time I watch it).
The HAIR we are discussing today is the one on our heads, the same I've wrote about, and more and then some more. As it seems, the story of hair is a never-ending one - mostly because it grows all the time. 
But... what if it doesn't? (or: what if it's growth is weak, what if the quality is poor, what if you're pulling it out with every wash?!) I am personally quite familiar with all of the stages just described, and I was not ashamed to let you know about it in the links above. You have seen me lose it all, you have seen my "Nancy" (that's how I named the wig I wore), you seen the orange phase, and you've seen me getting it bobbed - alongside dear Bernice.
Then, for me, a new circle started, meaning I had to cut it all off (almost all!) in the pixie - thus making myself the expert in living with in-between phases of hair growth. Not a praised title to flaunt around, I must admit; at least I have a title, right?  :)

This following article has been lying around for some time
now, it looks like a good time to post it
since, amazingly, it has some good ideas about the forever-issue of 

Oh, and remember: 
"..tight waves were never pretty and they are as out of date now as above-the-knee skirts". 
Enough said.  :)

Currently, I'm growing a mullet and a weird bush on top of my head - not by my own personal choice, it just happens to be the part growing faster and stronger than others (also, it get curled up on it's own, I have no say in it).

No, really.
Just take a look at it:

So, what am I to end this with?
There are no vise words from me, I'm afraid. It is, indeed, an ever-lasting learning-curve, and it takes a bit inventiveness to avoid the handful of it during the wash, and try my best not to get myself bold in the process. (if I do lose the hair, there is always Nancy, right?)
How's your hair?

Many hugs!


  1. I'm sorry to hear of your hair woes. You seem to take it in stride though with a good attitude. I think you always look cute in any style I've seen you in, including Nancy.

    I had a bob with side-swept bangs for quite some time but a couple of months ago I cut it into a pixie and I love it. I was afraid of looking too masculine but everyone tells me I look cute and younger so I guess a pixie suits me. I'm 57 with gray hair and I even had a young lady stop me in a store to tell me that she loved my hair! And she had the most gorgeous brunette curly mop of hair herself so I was quite flattered.

    I love how carefree it is. I think I'll keep it up but I do wonder how cold the back of my neck will be in the colder months. :-) Thankfully I have lots of scarves.

    1. Fighting cold weather?
      Oh, Dawn - that is much easier than struggling with hot summer day and a loooong hair. At least, it was always been like that for me.
      I do think that a bob looks suitable on a woman your age (my mom's age as well!), and I've cum my mom's hair in a bob.
      I bobbed mom! :)
      (not that I am any good in hair-stuff).

      I wonder what you look like.

    2. One of these days perhaps I'll put my picture in my profile.

      I immediately felt the difference when I got my pixie. So much cooler and lighter. And it dries so fast.

  2. You always look lovely in your photos. I mostly ignore my hair - I dye it, and cut it occasionally, but don't do much more than that to it.