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Friday, 17 March 2017

...come MARCH(ing) in. :)

Hello everybody.

With just few days before Spring officially takes over, I'm ready to admit a few things about my life, style, and activities. Nothing drastic (definitively nothing that can be counted as criminal!), nothing shocking and nothing paranormal (well, this is up for a debate)  :)

Winter days are behind us. When I write about "winter" I mean the snow, the chill, extremely low temperatures, drippy noses and general laziness that defines it - in this town of ours. Also, when I write about winter, there is no place for romanticizing it's true nature. 

Winter, in dream-like vintage fashion 
would probably look something like these two gorgeous ladies pictured below
(furry pleasure, court shoes and delicate coats)


In reality, winter days are not permitting any mistakes
such as exposing your bare skin to the elements (unless you plan on getting severe frost bites)
so: this is what I looked like most of the days:

This winter has cost us a lot (of everything). It has lasted very long, the days were harsh and cold. heating got pricey (but, this is not the place for me to write about the current financial situation), orchards had massive losses - we're in the process of removing them, and a whole lot of the plans got postponed.
That is life, at it's most natural form.
We can not control the weather (I will not have any of the "press the button, move the satellite, release the weather-changing beams" kind of talks over here, OK?). We can adjust our plans to nature's conditions. Not something most of us like, but waiting is the only thing we can do - because, nothing will grow from the rock-hard & completely frozen ground, right? You can't mix cement while it's snowing, right? No respectful gardener would recommend any activities until the risk from frosts is gone, right?

What are we to do?
Sit back.
Stare at old gardening magazines, and wait.

Now that the Sun has gotten a whee bit stronger, I can feel the tingling in my fingers (mind me, the sensation might be similar to the first stage of a coronary trauma, but is much, much less life threatening). My nose gets up in the sky more often, and like many generations before me, I have learned to smell it's coming. We've learned when to say "It's time"

I got outside!

Overwhelmed at first day, just spinning around with a coffee mug in my hand - going up and down my yard and my garden. Staring at thing like it's the first time we meet, touching branches for their elasticity, pushing my heel into ground, frowning my nose - then rushing inside with the feeling of this all being too much.
Second day, stepping outside angry with myself for being lazy the previous time. Tacking with some most important tasks. Over-working myself. Getting inside with serious back pain, and realizing I've been too hard on myself today - or, was it that I've been to much of a "lazy rag-doll" during winter?!
Moaning, I take the third day as a day off. For about some 15 minutes. I mean: I'm tired, my back hurt, I've been exhausted from my office hours,.. etc. Then, I put on overalls (this is new: I've got them as a present & I wear them with no shame, since they are now part of who I am) and get out again; knowing that it's making me happy.

"..not only in size" I say - getting back into gardening is like a boomerang effect. Just like yo-yo dieting, something I am personally very much out of; since I've been there, and I've done that.. and the yo-yo is back on it original place. Right where I started - right where I feel best at. Shoot me if I know why I started getting smaller in the first place - not that it got me any happier. 
Only hungry.
When hungry - I eat. Then: move on. (quite the simple philosophy, but it takes so long to accept it's profound impact on our lives). Move on - to what?
To another day.
To day number four. As it just happens, that was an requisite day: great sun, clear air, lot of things got done. Empowerment was the feeling on my mind as the day went to it's rest.
On day five it rained! Oh! Horror! Eyebrows got raised, nerves got itchy, fists went into the air and some R-rated language was used while addressing to Mrs. Rain, who decided to.. well: rain on my parade. Muddy boots, moaning wind, some kind of Edgar Alan Poe's scenery started evolving in my mind, as this rain was an apocalyptic event.
Truth to be told, that mood stops as soon as the wind does. While it rains, I take on sewing, because one always has something to do with her needle & thread (or is it just me, that even as a grown-up tend to get clothes torn up?).
This is a cycle of life. The course changes.

Then what?

Then sun comes back up and I continue meddling with the dirt, or scraping old paint from six gigantic windows, or digging in posts to hold the fence, or.. we can think of something, as long as it's turning into something meaningful.
Are there going to by ANY vintage-related posts?!
Of course there are - as long as that is on my mind and in my life at the time. But, it will not be forced upon any of us. Just like many other themes and events going on in our lives.

*inhale & exhale*
This went well. :)


  1. I so understand the joy of seeing the first sprouts work their way out of the earth after a long winter.

    March started out warm and very Springy but quickly turned wintry cold. A few days ago we had a big snowstorm, a blizzard in fact, and now there's over a foot of snow on the ground. It feels like Winter will never end.

    1. Lady March dies that, doesn't she, dear Dawn?!
      It winter's last stand, and we just have to wait it out. :)

  2. Yaaay, a post! I've been out in the garden too - you're right, it's so wonderful to smell spring approaching and to start growing things. I've only planted up a couple of pots of flower seeds so far, but I plan to put in a whole lot more. I need to get my tomato plants started. When it's been too horrible to go out, we've worked on the house. However, I need to keep going out - need to pull up weeds before they get too much sun and become monsters.

    1. Yes, a post. :)
      Having a summer-like time feels so strange after days-on-end in the Antarctic climate. Surely, rain will drop on us any day now.