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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Love Story: Vote for your love

Hello everybody.

Politics - not something a vintage blogger likes to dabble in. It's a part of life, comes in cycles, at times is really overpowering (those pre-election days when politicians just might jump uot of our refrigerators) :) ...but, for the rest of the time - politics is not the subject here - unless it's a theme of a romance story, as it just happen to be today.

Take a look at what goes on
when a female reporter digs in politics:

If it was only this easy.. right? :)

Here's a thought of the day: No one likes lies.
But, unfortunately, being dishonest with others and ourselves is sometimes easier than telling the truth. It doesn't need to be that way, though. Being honest may not always be the easiest or most convenient course and that’s why courage is required. But honesty is the course of integrity.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Friday, 29 July 2016

I'm back to thinking... bricks and tiles. :)

Hello everybody.

It's not an early sign of going mad, it's doing construction work - all over again. Nothing ever stops when you have a house - an old house, that is. Just because I've moved in does not mean there's no more work to be done (do not look at my derelict garden, please!)
It's now time to get on with the second kitchen!
(Note; I have written about a kitchen fit for the Lady of the house and about kitchen designed for everyone - you might want to go and see those)
But, a SECOND kitchen?!
The tradition of a second kitchen, over here, sometimes called a "summer kitchen," goes back to a time before air conditioning. During the hot summer months, preparing big meals and baking were almost always done in a kitchen located in an outbuilding. I know that, in other parts of Europe, the second kitchen was located in the basement - and in large houses.. well, you've seen "Downton abbey" - hence the name "downstairs" :)
In our region, the "summer kitchen" was designed as an extension to the house (between the house and the wood shed) - and that is EXACTLY where mine was.. before it was abandoned, and left to serve as a "second shed". A shame, if you ask me, since there's such a nostalgic beauty to the original house design.
I plan to give it another chance in life!


Therefore, I'm back to
thinking about bricks and floor tiles
(and, I'm more than happy to share it with you):

Ceramic tile creates dramatic first impressions. Even a modest area, indoors or out, can come to life with the colors and textures of tile – making ceramic tile one of the savviest design investments.  It is a luxurious option for creating a beautiful living environment.


Not to forget: it is SO easy to clean and inhospitable to dust mites, mold, and bacteria (thus making my life a whole less mopping and whole more - everything else)  
Here's to living in the kitchen!  :)
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Burda Wednesday: July 1959, part I

Hello everybody

Jumping over June, since (alas, that is a story with all things old) there is NO June 1959 that lived to see this day - if anyone has it, by all means, feel free to share it with the world. And, as it happens, it's one of those rare times that we are reading July edition, in July. :)  

Let take a sit-back and enjoy our July-in-July issue:

The editors have chosen the PERFECT cover, it has it all:
light pink polka-dot dress with thin pleats,
delicate white gloves and matching pearls,
summer hat with both net and a green detail. 
I say: YES to this overall look. :)

"Tosca" perfume.

Oh, and there+s a new way
of "striking the pose", as you can see. :)

No, page can not be bad
when there's a kitten on it.

It was the era of a delicate petticoats,
shining nylon stockings 
and overall-girly(ness)

There should be a pattern for this donkey.

THIS is what July is all about,
this it the "it" model for this month.

Light and bright summer dresses.

Soft colors, flower prints,
and cotton as the material 

See: figure should (and MUST) be shown
no matter the "size" of it.

They use the word "chubby"
when describing summer-dress style.
Whatever the word for your figure - there's a dress for it. :)

Simple dress - posh embroidery
(mind me, I love the face of this model!)

July is all about SMILING!
...feel free to do it as often as humanly possible.  :)


So..maybe, I should prepare you in time. Yes. Sit down, dear friends. Have a sip of tea. Take a breath and hear me out: in few weeks time, we are parting our ways with our beloved Burda Wednesday.
I know.
I know, really.
The bucket full of scans has run dry, after YEARS of posting, proving that "everything that has a beginning, has an end", indeed (for all those who loved "the Matrix" - you know that the Oracle is never mistaken) :)

Have a great mid-week, my dear friends.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Love Story: Romance ride the waves

Hello everybody.

Today, I shall start this post with a quote:
Kathleen Kelly: I could never be with someone who has a boat.
Joe Fox: I have a boat.
Kathleen Kelly: Oh.
Joe Fox: Which clinches it; we'll never be together.
(from the movie "You've got mail")

And, now you'll see why I started with this quote:

Class is not something I consider when meeting people. There's nothing in "class" that is a guarantee of honesty, kindness and good spirit. So, why bother?
As for boats - I can't say. I haven't met anyone who's got a boat.
What are "boat people" like?
Have a great Sunday.
And, if you're (too) in a middle of a heat-wave, be safe!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Snack Smart: Gluten-free morning-glory muffins

Hello everybody

Since I will be baking today (there's a small scale gathering in my front yard this afternoon, and I might have sent the invitation that has a cake on the image), it's only natural that I share with you another easy & healthy snack recipe.

This is a two-bowls kind of meal; making it easy to clean after (have you noticed that no recipe tells you about the time required to prepare, measure, cut, wash after... and so on?).
If you are allergic to nuts, there is a way: make the switch for dry biscuits. Make sure they are really dry. The taste, I must tell you, will not be exactly the same, so try finding biscuits that are not so sweet to begin with. And, if you do this, don't forget to "cut" a bit of sweetness - for instance, use less syrup (also, can be switched with honey).
I hope you give this a try.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by - there will be cake.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Burda Wednesday: May 1959, part V

Hello everybody.

There's a small discussion I've had a while ago. And, just when I thought I might bring it your way (and started wondering HOW to do so), our beloved Burda magazine featured a single image that sparked it all up for me. It is a tight issue - about wearing tight-like undergarments.
Ripped jeans. Tank tops. Flip flops. Visible bra straps. Wrinkled shirts. Shorts. Micro-mini skirts. Bare midriffs. Some days I think that the era of wearing pantyhose is fading away, and that THESE magazines are to be the only place we can see that, once essential, item of the Office Lady Style.

..there's more on the subject,
but let's give this issue a go first.

Here's the new and improved way
of coloring your hair!

The continuation of the mini-novel

One thing we ALL deal with
was and still is the lost of color in our garments
This is "Perwoll" - and they are still making detergents

Bleach-white asparagus

White asparagus is the result of applying a blanching technique while the asparagus shoots are growing. To cultivate white asparagus, the shoots are covered with soil as they grow, i.e. earthed up; without exposure to sunlight, no photosynthesis starts, and the shoots remain white. Compared to green asparagus, the locally cultivated so-called "white gold" or "edible ivory" asparagus, also referred to as "the royal vegetable", is less bitter and much more tender. 
(note - Not that I would know, since I haven't had the chance of trying it out - YET)

Life is better when there's cake! 

Some might consider this kitsch, 
but I like a table-cloth with lots of fruits aplique on it.

Why don't you "try Gardisette - front curtains sale!"

So many adorable details in this single page:
The perfectly shaped white chairs in the first image
the artistic fish made out of wire on the other, 
the straight-lined full-wall cabinet on the third...

OK. Let's talk stockings in the office...
(at the end of this post!)
Story titled "The fifth guest is the Death"
...sounds like a mystery-tale!

Whenever I see coins, I think of savings :)

"How the catch the spring's breeze in your laundry basket?"
Such a lovely advertisement text.

Cheese MUST be good
when it's advertised by a COW, right? :)

Surely, we can't have a magazine issue
without some under-wear.
Undergarments are the essential - (I hope so)  :)

Sweet travels.
Great destinations.
Change of climates is GREAT.

This little fella is the "Picture and Radio" star.

To me, this gives some pajama-feel.

Stockings and pantyhose in the office?!
We come to this serious question. For much of the 20th century, pantyhose were an essential component of any polished woman’s outfit. But then, many "new generation" women stopped wearing pantyhose years ago, dismissing them as uncomfortable and easily ruined by runs. Most women of this day and age have never even worn them, and thanks to more casual office wear, they don’t need to in most offices.
Going tight-less requires a certain level of maintenance, out of sheer politeness: the lavishing of moisture, and perhaps self-tanner, ‘spray-on tights’..
Quite a few discussion exist on the subject.
1. If you are wearing pantyhose, you’re seen as uptight, antiquated, dull, unable to keep up physically and mentally, and unworthy of their time
2. If you’re not wearing tights, you’re seen as a slacker, unkempt, crude, unprofessional, poor-mannered and unworthy of their time.
So: is it, actually, a generation thing? 
Is it a status issue?
I would like to hear your say.