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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Midweek magazines: Picture- profile of Rita Haywort

Hello everyone

It's not that we idolize them, but their lives do keep us interested - because there is some magical feeling and a dash of mystery in the lives of Hollywood stars. It's like gazing over the garden fence, and into our neighbors garden (what?! was I the only kid who did that?!)  :)

To prove that this interest in Lives of the Stars lasts for a while now,
here's an article about an astonishing Rita:

Oh, the sweet Spanish lady!

Rita Hayworth actually had her name changed, her birth name was: Margarita Carmen Cansino. As it turned out, that was not a big deal back then - the chaining of one's screen name was, as a matter of fact, sort of a normal (somewhat obligatory) thing. All the hard-to-pronounce last names, and all the names that sounded too.. foreign were changed (if, of course, the Studio hasn't decided that your foreign name is good for the advertisement).
Fast forward to today - not much has changed.
Well, I don't think I'd change my name. Would you?
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. It's great seeing Rita with her original hair colour - she looks so much happier in these early pictures than she did in her slightly later 'glamourpuss' days.

    (I feel sorry for a lot of the very glamorous stars - few of them seemed to be really happy. Happy is better than glamorous, I reckon.)

    1. Yes - I never touched that subject: the actual level of happiness for most of the stars. I suppose that is something I don't like posting about, but I do KNOW that, for majority of them, the "magic" in the air of Hollywood did not feel so great.