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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Love Story: Love' Last Stand

Hello everybody.

Frost has covered the ground; and since it was quite early when I walked out (not much sounds in the background) - I could head the cracking sound as I walked across a grass path in my back yard. The word that came into my mind was "serenity". :)

Before I head out to see what needs to be done 
(more like: go to a walk, to inhale the chill)
this is a Story for Sunday.

there are fist and bullets flying in this tale!

Some folks have asked me how much of these stories do I have.. to answer truly: I do not know, and I also don't know for how long will I post Love Stories on Sunday. It feels good to read them - so I say: as long as I can manage finding stories, I will read them - and share with you. :)
Have a great Sunday.
Say: any frost (or maybe snow) out there?!

1 comment:

  1. We've had really heavy frost, but that seems to have passed again - it all depends on which way the wind comes towards Britain; if it's from the south/south-west it's relatively warm, but from the north/north-east it gets really cold.