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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Love story: He was no good

Hello everybody

First off, I have the pleasure to say this to each and every one of you out there celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah this year:

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah! :)
...and for those of you out there, to whom this is a Sunday like any other (with maybe some awareness of the approaching of the new calendar year) I wish a lovely day! :) 

Some of you might have seen on my Instagram account that we've had our first snow yesterday. It was a shy thing, just barely covering the ground. Most of it I've moved from the paths by just using the regular broom, but none the less - there is still some whiteness on the rooftops. I must admit it: there is a great joy among children, especially those who are having a "white Christmas" today.

We can all do good by some love tale:
(surely, you will get around reading this a bit later in the week,
but any day is a great day for romance)

I never understood the magnetism of a mean man
(must have something to do with all that
sense of "adventure" many ladies like feeling)

Please, enjoy yourselves today, weather you're opening the presents from beneath the Christmas tree, of you're celebrating the days of Hanukkah - or of you're having just a lazy Sunday.
Have a wonderful day.

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