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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Midweek magazines: What's the name of the game.. I mean: name your food

Hello everybody

Let's turn back time for just a bit.. 1997?! Ehhh, no. OK, then we need to turn it a BIT MORE, folks. Work those fingers until the scale reaches September 1932. Stop right there.
Today, we shall read about history of food (why haven't my Primary School feature some history classes with this theme?! I'm sure I'd pay much more interest in this subject)

However, these words have meaning only to my friends living in United States of America (hello, friends! voting over, yet?) :) To the rest of us, some of these names do not have a mental image attached to it - but we DO make them (just call them differently!).
For instance, Johnnycake- is a cornmeal flatbread. It resembles mostly to "crepes" (also called "French pancakes"), but the main starch comes from corn (also called "maize"). Oh, yes: this sentence was made to make us all realize that food comes in many shapes, sizes.. and names. I can honestly say I haven't eaten a Johnny-bread .. until I read it's JUST a corn-pancake :)
Any fun food-name related anecdotes?

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  1. Hot cross buns are a British thing - though I notice the writer of this piece doesn't mention the spices and dried fruit that go into them. I wonder if Americans used those ingredients?