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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Love Story:My love went wrong

Hello everybody

The Sunday morning, over here, is clear and cold. I've just heard there's snow in the higher grounds, and it does feel crisp outside. The weather has turned. We have entered the season of short daylight, chilling winds and warm beverages and heavy-duty clothes. 
We've had rain all day yesterday (that type of rain where most of it jut hangs in the air, and gets soaked into your lungs) - so, today looks much better. Sunshine, no matter how weak it' strength may be, gives me joy. 

Today, I have for you a tale about second chances
This little story provides us with hope
and gives us a glimpse of one man's struggle 
to find his place and his trust in people after making a mistake.

Not much has been planned for today, on my side. I'm trying to cope with "not much needs to be done"time of the year - being keen on hard work, this change is always taking few days to transition into. I suppose it's now time to walk-out the free time.
Of course, there's still leaves to pick up in the yard. :)
Have a nice Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. You have your kittens to keep you busy :-D Are they having fun in their new home?