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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Midweek magazines: Food and home notes

Hello everybody.

Well, I must say: I think that these past few days of sunny days are the last ones for the season. I do not think this late October days are going the be bathed in sunshine any more, our little town is walking into the times of foggy mornings and muddy boots.
This is the last call to roll up our sleeves and finish up the work. Yards need to be flat so that the shovel can glide over it as you're managing the snow. The ground needs to be tilled (or at least weed-free), all the tree branches turned into fire-kindle. As for the time ahead of us, one should better pick up some hobby, or get a nice pile of books (or, if TV is you preferred company, I'm sure there's a lot of content there, but I am not the one to write about it, since our TV and your TV are surely completely different in programs available)

To keep this interesting,
hare are some snippets from a booklet I've found on the web:

The thing with macaroni is something I learned as a kid. Grandma was always saying: "Not the whole lot! Put them slowly, and don't you rush, you'll make them all stick to each-other. good food takes time". :)
Have a good mid-week everybody!


  1. I never refrigerate eggs. They don't need it. The potato tips are interesting though. I love baked potatoes! (I always start off by boiling them in their skins for 10 minutes, as it massively cuts down the time they need baking for, and so means less gas used.)

    1. Some of these tips are something we "just do", but I suppose if there was someone who has never had a kitchen, or a day of cooking experience, and who never had a contact with home economics - these might come in handy. Oh, I know it sounds like "there can't possibly be someone like that" - but, there are quite a lot of them. That's funny, since THIS town is a rural one, yet there are young folks who were "guarded" by their parents for the entire growing-up time and now they are clueless. :)