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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Love Story: My dearest patient

Hello everybody

This has been a week of domestic work. Those jobs that are classified as "no fun", but are the essential part of our daily lives, and a winter preparation. Removing the anti-mosquito frames from the windows and replacing them with the second set of windows (double windows mean a lot on an old house in winter). Boxing-up as many dry branches as one can, before the rain finally sets down on us (then it rains for days on and, and everything soaks up the moist). Taking pelargoniums and begonias into a cold, yet protected, hallways - to prepare them for the winter sleep. Another task, quite important for the good start in the spring: clearing out the frames, the dead trees, and bringing in the nutrients into the garden,
Most folks no longer even think about these tasks, having central heating system, PVC full-seal windows and throwing away summer-blooming flowers.
Still, there is a job everyone should commit to: taking out our winter footwear. I doubt there are gong to be any sandy-wearing days this season. :)

Now, now..
before everything, a love story.
(you just might get a bot "love sick")  :)

Fabulous tale!

The rain is "hanging" over here (it's what we like saying when it looks like it's about to start raining, but hasn't decided to do it, yet) :)
There are jobs to be done.
Have a nice Sunday!

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