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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Love Story: My broken engagement

Hello everybody

When most people think of coming of the winter, I imagine some of the first things to come to mind are rosy cheeks, self-burning fire, hot beverage and making a snow-man. For me, it much more about a desperate search for water-tight boots, that can handle deep snow, brown puddles and muddy hours while I'm doing much needed outdoor chores (but that’s just life when you live in a climate with heavy-duty winters).
This day, as it is hugged by the curtain of fog has reminded me of that.

To move away from winter-thoughts
I have for you.. the story. :)

I say: I liked the way this went own.
OK, on to my least favorite part of this weather: knowing how long it takes me to get dressed before going outside, with all the layers keeping my body safe and warm.. and knowing that from now on, I'll need to add even more, and more layers. Like an onion, yes. :)
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Lots of wool! I always find wool or other animal fibres are warmest in cold weather - none of that acrylic nonsense. It's not too cold over here right now, just horribly wet. Is it getting really cold in Serbia?

    1. Oh, yes, indeed.
      I find that wearing wool underneath some "plastic" material works best for me. Wool warms me up, and the artificial material keeps the winds away from my body.
      Over here it started raining last night. I think this means there is to be no more nice days in a long time. It's not yet cold - but, ask me next week (I'm sure the cold is coming our way, and it's coming to stay)