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Friday, 7 October 2016

Answering 10 random questions - about Autumn

Hello everybody

During the fall, in response to colder temperatures and less light, leaves stop producing chlorophyll, the green pigment that helps capture sunlight to power photosynthesis. As the green fades, the leave’s other pigments shine through, such as orange and yellow carotenoids and vibrant red anthocyanin.

I'm posting this, because I am such a geek. :)
According to superstitious beliefs, to catch a falling autumn leaf brings good luck!
Did you know that?


Now, let me answer the automatically generated list of 
10 random
fashion, food and lifestyle questions:

1.What item of clothing do you love to wear in autumn but wouldn’t be seen wearing it in public?
Answer: Ehmmm, well, YES, there is something of that nature.. my zebra-print super-thick leggings. to be honest, no one has ever seen them, no one is ever going to see them. I wear them only when every job of the day is done, front gate is locked, no guests are expected to come.. and I'm sitting in my cozy room, by myself. why do we tend to have such an embarrassing clothing items, you ask? (I say: zebra-print might be the top of the fashion for some people & bless them!) I have mine because it was the only pattern available in the shop, and all the other leggings were much thinned, and only those had the inner blanket-like layer that makes them hug and warm my body perfectly. That is why. And: NO, there is, without doubt, no way that they will ever appear on my Instagram account! :)

2. Most wanted item for autumn?
Answer: For some odd reason, it has always been: socks. Whenever the weather turns, I tend to start searching for colorful, fluffy, maybe woolen, thick, home-wearing socks with some ridiculous print on them. Also: bright colored stockings. Thicker ones are best. I must add the third: the west. Wests are great for keeping the torso warm, without being too bulky to "operate" around homestead,

3. Favorite footwear to wear in autumn?
Answer: Wearing ordinary shoes and trainers is useless when accidentally putting a foot into a deep puddle. Many wet-feet days have reminded me of why did I always got new pair of "wellies" whenever the rain season started. I am a creature of comfort. rubber boots keep my feet nice and dry on the wettest of days. I wear them to the office - not AT the office. I take them off, leave them to dry and change into stylish shoes. Yes, I have not overgrown the "change your wet and muddy boots" kindergarten days. :)

4. Are you a fan of umbrellas?
Answer: Hoods and hats, as fashionable as they might be - are never enough for me. I'm the one that listens to the radio in the morning, and the weather forecast is quite important part of my daily life, especially in these wet days. Whenever I hear the word "rain" I take my red umbrella with me. If, by some freaky chance the rain starts falling without the Weather Man's morning warming, I have a dark blue one at work. Both are the normal-sized ones. Then, there's my "mini". That ones NEVER leaves my bag (yes, even n the hottest days of summer - I like to be secured; because even the clearest day can turn it's back on me and rain all over my "parade")

5. Its raining outside, what are your go-to drinks and/or foods?
Answer: Is there anything other than chocolate?! Some might say: "but there are pumpkins", I must admit to having health issues that prevent me from eating some foods - pumpkins and cinnamon included. So, for me, it's chocolate in both forms: liquid and solid. :) And, tea; however, tea is something like a go-to for every single day of the year.

6. What is your favorite autumn trend?
Answer: I love to change my nail colors to deep plums and dark grey.. oh, and almost-blacks for fall. A nice switch from the corals, bright reds and orange of summer! Everything seem to be going a bit "grunge" when the days get colder; and I don't mind having more plaid patterns in my daily style. Fashion aside, I know many people associate blooming flowers with springtime - there is a flower of autumn that bursts with color and gives life to dull moist days. It's name is chrysanthemum; and should buy and plant them right now.

7. Do you like or dislike that it’s starting to get dark?
Answer: Now that we have finally installed the light above the door of the wood-shed, life is much less "hurry-hurry" and rush with coming dark. As the days get shorter, by the time I get back from work, light gets dim, and it's hard to fill up the buckets. In those precious few hours of daylight tasks are numerous (we all love to see fallen leaves, not many of us enjoy sweeping it from the entire yard every single day!). I don't genuinely dislike dark times. There is something peace in our town when the autumns night falls over us. We slow down. We keep to ourselves more. We do much more crafts, we read and plan ahead for the next season. Darkness is not to be scared of, not does it cause major changes in my mood, it just calls for more cushions and warmer socks. :)

8.What is your typical autumn day consisting of?
Answer: Depends. It is a work day or a weekend? :) Let me describe yesterday for you. It was Thursday, so a work day. It's pitch black when I get up, at 5.30 AM. I'm a breakfast person (so is my dog, and feeding her is the first task for me - now that my dad has helped me install the outdoor light on a wood shed, that is much easier to do). It's always some kind of porridge for me: with eggs, with ham.. something filling. Lately, I can't have coffee first thing in the morning. Makeup, dressing-up, then a walk to work. We start at 7.00 AM sharp. We work until 3.00 PM. Walk home. makeup off, clothes change - and off to my mom's for lunch (over here there's a saying "where there is two plates, there can be three, and she insists that I have a meal with them). Yesterday was the last of preserving days for the season. Before I got my hands in sugar beets, beetroots & vinegar I had to go back home to light the furnace up (great thing about living across the street from mom & dad) to make my room warm for the evening. Then few hours of filling up the gigantic jars and chatting away with mom. Darkness has consumed the day as I walked across, played a bit and fed Šarka, had a small dinner. Started sorting out a vintage skirt and.. basically, the day was gone.

9.What’s your favorite color to wear on your lips in autumn?
Answer: Since I am an avid fan of red lipstick, I tend to keep my style the same. The difference is, when comes autumn, I swing towards a deeper, darker and mat tones (just like the color of the late autumn leaves). Matching the season, that what's all about.

10.Holidays are coming, do you have any idea of what you want?
Answer: Is it that time of the year already?! Well, well, time flies! When it comes to presents, I truly don't think about them. Our family has never had a practice of giving some great presents at winter holidays. There is a "standard": giving of the favorite candy, and maybe some socks (because they know me so well, and the love of socks are something we all have in common). :) I am looking forward to participating in Vintage Secret Santa present-sharing that (hopefully), my dear blogging friend Jessica, over at Chronically Vintage, might host again this year. I am not making a big deal about presents; maybe it's due to the times I grew up in (severe sanctions and empty store shells), however I appreciate a good tray full of home-made cookies, cakes and other edible joys.

Quintessentially & obligatory 
autumn image:
Pumpkins, chrysanthemum and straw
All the gang is there. :)

...and a completely random autumn-related fact to end this post with:
The phrase, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” is not without merit as apples are considered some to have some of the healthiest food benefits of all foods, but apples also contain malic acid which helps to clean and whiten teeth naturally, as well as work as a stain remover.

Happy Friday.


  1. Super fun post! Fall related questionnaires are the best! I really enjoyed reading all of your answers and learning more about you, sweet dear. I do the same thing with the weather. Talking about and checking the weather is practically a national pastime in this country, so I'm not alone in following it with the vested interest that many might reserve for a sport's team. :)

    Thank you very much for the wonderfully lovely link to my blog and mention of the VSS. It's genuinely hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us again. As things stand now, there's a very decent chance that we'll be doing the VSS again. I'll be announcing things either way on CV and social media in early November, and do really hope that it will be feasible for us (because Tony is involved in a very big way with it, too) to hold another one of these delightfully fun and festive events.

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Dearest Jess,
      I have (and will do) mentioned you over here, because - as small as it may be - my audience needs to know about the great works you do to keep the community together. We ARE a community, be believe in the same essential thing: that vintage matters. We are a community because we keep the same set of likes. We are more "community" than many of those who call themselves "clique" :)
      Thank you for doing the marvelous job.