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Friday, 23 September 2016

Snack smart:Wholesome oat bran muffins

Hello everybody

Happy Friday, everyone!
Just because it's the end of the work week, it does not make it the end of a healthy-eating and a well-being week (actually, that never ends!) :) Surely, I fall into the category of people who often tend to celebrate the Friday afternoon with something sweet - but, having a bit too much of the "something sweet" does not fit into "a small celebration of the coming weekend" :)
One should never deny themselves all the things (food, for instance) that make them happy - but we all must beware of our actual needs, our special heath regiment and try to make the best possible balance of the two.

This is another muffin recipe.
There are SO MANY cheerful yet healthy recipes for snacks
and we can all satisfy

This is the most simple, yet most variable version I think there is. You can:
- opt any of the ingredients for their substitute,
- go vegan with adding extra oil instead of eggs,
- get you bran into a chopper and make a flour (to avoid the chewy taste),
- use one cup bran and one cup of any flour of your liking (regular, rice.. even pea!)
- use molasses instead of honey.. or try different types of honey
There's too many TV shows that show both sides of baking: one side tells a tale of "throw in anything". the other tells about the precision for perfect results. To me, baking, as you can see in this example, is quite forgiving. That's why I like it.
That is why I'd love it if you'd give it a go and let me know about it.

Do you like muffins?
(remind me to buy a new muffin "tin" made out of silicone; I have tested one of those and it does not melt in the oven - an irrational fear of mine)  :)


  1. I'm very partial to muffins! Warmed with butter and jam. Paddy.

  2. Yum!!! Muffins are one of my favourite foods ever. They were a staple in my household growing up, which no doubt contributed to my passion for them. Some of the key varities that my mom made when I was little included banana, bran + apple + raisins, blueberry, jam filled, and pineapple + zucchini (trust me, it's amazing!!!). I still make muffins fairly often in versions that I can safely eat, and continue to enjoy some of those childhood standards to this day. My favourite as an adult though, has to be the pumpkin spice ones that I whip up each fall.

    Tons of hugs & happy baking,
    ♥ Jessica