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Friday, 2 September 2016

Snack Smart: Banana coconut spelt muffins

Hello everybody.

Let's make something healthy! :)
Lately, I'm bouncing up-and-down the health path (I will not bore you with this). Those of you that follow my Instagram account could spot some of my "eat the colors" shots of the bowl full of blender-made goodness: carrots, beets, spinach, yogurt.. 
I have also tried to stay away from bakery-made pastries for quite some time, and I prefer making polenta the evening before, so that I get a non-fluid work meal.
There are a LOT of ways to keep up the good work food-wise. One of them, of course, is to opt for a healthier snack (just beware: eating too much crunchy nuts can add up quite the number of calories to your daily diet).

Muffins are great!

The above recipe is pretty safe. It does not call for any eggs, animal fats (or any animal products, that is), no white flour, no sugar, no pepper.. it should make a low GI snack for even the trickiest eaters among you, my dear friends.
I hope some of you try this out - let me know about it.

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