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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Love Story: You belong to me

Hello everyone

Thinking back, I have given you some 30 odd life's lessons I have learned in the past 30 years of my life - gathered from many different sources, and from folks much smarter, braver and older than me.
Of course, I'm still picking-up the good lessons.
Smart people, for instance, don’t overlook the possibility to save money.
Frugality, to me, is a virtue, not to be mistaken with greed or stinginess. Being able to handle our finances and save, by avoiding unnecessary expenses, is an admirable quality. In fact, it is surprising how many small details there are, warranting closer scrutiny. These seemingly meaningless expenses can be easily avoided, and the amount of money you can save can amount to something rather significant.
Yesterday, I made a floor tile mosaic for my future pantry. I have learned a new skill, I have saved a lot of money - that makes another lesson for me.

..and here's a lesson one gal 
had to learn the hard way:
We DO NOW own other people, they chose to stay close to us
- or they leave.
Let's take a closer look.

What a LESSON she has learned.
Oh, this one has a good message to it.

I will have for you some images of my pantry - coming soon, by so far it's just having tiles lined-up and ready to be "filled" by a second coat of cement - once the bottom line hardens (oh, look at me, repeating what the builders have told me)  :)
Have a great Sunday!

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