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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Love Story: Queen of Hearts

Hello everyone

Plans for today: send this Love Story off, tidy myself up and hop to a quick shopping at the Farmer's Market. Get groceries, have (maybe) coffee, get home - see what needs to be done at my mom's home & hopefully finalize the paining of my front porch.

Here it is:

This is a great tale
about clinging onto someone.
I'm glad about the happy ending.

Oki-doki. There's no large and thoughtful text here, just me wishing all you a "happy Sunday", finishing up my breakfast and running on.
Still, there's time for me to ask: what are your plans???


  1. I hope the porch painting went well!

    I'd hoped to go to a 1940s day at the local heritage railway, but we ended up doing housework as we are having a new fridge delivered. (Our 18-year-old one is giving up.) Still, it will be nice to hae a new fridge.

    1. Dear Mim,
      I know that housework can "swallow" some of our time that was planned for something else; but you are right: it'll be great to have a new item in the kitchen, especially if the old one is about to give up on you.
      Paining of the porch is finally done :)