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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Love Story: Get-propelled Romeo

Hello everybody

Another week is behind us. As we're doing our daily jobs, our chores and our hobbies - time passes and summer is almost gone. If you are like me, someone who likes rising up early, you too could feel the smell of Autumn in the morning air. And next week, we will officially enter it's bronze gates.
Like I have written many times before, this is the peak of the winter's crop preparation. Those who have highly productive gardens are now spending almost every moment available to get the crops out of the ground and into pantry, into jars, into bottles...

Still, there is a bit of time to stop 
and take a look at today's action-packed story 
(BEWARE: there is some miss-fortune in this one)

I told you there's action here.

Just another little hint, my friends: this is also the time to prep our houses for the coming rain season. And we do have rains and winds over here, Checking roof tiles, proofing windows, finishing-up the outdoor painting of the house.. take you pick :)
Have a happy Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Harvest season is such an inspiring and incredible (not to mention beautiful) time of the year. We don't have a garden of our own, but so much of our area is rife with orchards, vineyards and gardens (commercial scale and personal alike), so we still get to be involved in a grander sense with the natural ebb and flow of picking and preserving season - especially thanks to the bevy of local produce stands in our corner of the province. This time of the year makes me off-the-charts happy and I just can't contain my glee over the fact that it's here again. :)

    Huge hugs & merry autumn wishes,
    ♥ Jessica