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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Have you heard: I'm painting my house! :)

Hello everybody.

It is time for the neighbors to move their sofas outside, since by gazing from inside of their homes they might miss-out a detail or two. :) Being nosy was always a favorite sport in my neighborhood, and I'm quite used to that, I have grown up in here. Their nature is something that I no longer find odd, and the fact that the folks WILL truly pull out their sofas so that they can spend almost all day sitting in front of their houses and staring at mine (sometimes giving a shout-out to the painters) is a thing I live with. 
Starting yesterday, the whole street is mostly outdoors. The shy ones are making excuses to walk up-and-down the street as they fave "forgotten" something at the corner shop. Again, and again. those with less shame simply stand/ sit outside and watch. Something huge is going on. Some change is happening. Because, I'm having my house(es) painted.

You have seen my house(es), right?
Here they are, as they are now:

Green house anad Grey house, I know, right?!
No accent color, no light-vs-dark shades
even the white decorations are covered in molter!
(such a shame, because they are Little Cupids, you see) 

It will not take long after this job of mine has started, before some of the neighbors spring for a new exterior paint job - as they all have already been standing out in front of their homes with eyes set on my home. Why? The answer is simple. A  paint job is going to transform the appearance of my (green and grey) home. It's like getting a new home almost overnight (errrr, over a few nights). And when one house starts looking better, it has the force to make people want to change things.

THE question: Which Color to Choose?!

The wide variety of colors to choose from, and the combinations that are available when it comes to trim, doors, and other extras, make this choice mostly a personal one. The rule of thumb is try and not be the "sore for the eye" of the area, to blend in with the overall style (if there is one) or to follow the original style of the house (if you're reconstructing it - like me).
I have peeled-off some paint, revealing the past colors. Behind the green and some sorry layers of cheap brown(ish) looking hues there was the original paint. Bright as the sun. So, I'll go from there, and try to build-on the look.

With so many choices around,
here's what was available 
in the first part of the XX century.

A hint: some colors that look fantastic on a tiny brochure, but they can strike you a lot differently when they're covering an area of a couple square meters. I used an age-old technique for that (and to show the painters WHAT to paint and where to do it): I draw my house(es) and colored the drawing.. seeing it all in scale makes an eased decision. It's easier to make mistakes on a piece of paper, then to regret not doing so - when your house turns... nothing what you dreamed off and somewhat odd. :)
(the paint shop just called - my special foundation paint-mass has arrived!)
Are you interested at all in house renovation? :)

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  1. Definitely! How renovation and (especially) decorating has always been a major passion of mine. So much so that - and exceedingly few people know this actually - I gave very, very serious thought to starting a blog devoted to these topics instead of one on vintage at the time when I launched CV back in 2009. Ultimately, I'm very glad that I went with a site that primarily focuses on vintage (and where I can still delve into these topics, if so desired), but I'm sure I would have enjoyed that other blogging path as well.

    It's really exciting that you're looking to repaint your house(s). Lately I've been feeling blue paint and doors big time, so with these, I might opt for a white or very light (cafe latte) brown and then a dark, elegant blue for the trim, windows, and door.

    I'm sure that whatever you pick (bringing out the original colours included) will look terrific, sweet dear. You always have such a great eye!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica