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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Burda Wednesday: July 1959, part IV

Hello everybody

It's mid-August. Time flies.
I got a little bit romantic this morning, so - let's start with a quote.
You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.”
― Paulo Coelho

Now, onto Burda magazine 
(oh, what a fun day, right?)

Get your whites - white
and your dishes - shining!

Ever had that feeling that you need to buy the product
just because the model represents it so well?
I'm having it now.

This is what I call: the "good" and the "bad"
Sterilizing your jars to prevent any possible 
food contamination - a good thing to do
Choosing margarine as a lighter and less caloric
butter substitute - not so good.

Who here wants to size these aprons up
and make them fit an adult?
Raise hands, please.. :)

This has got to be one proud mom
(to get her kids to wear white and stay clean?!)

Happy cocktail hour!

Well, I absolutely LOVE these little "bites" of food
they are so fun-looking and so versatile 
This would brighten.up any gathering.

In a search for the perfect table-cloth?
This one would be in my "top five", for sure.

Oh, yes, "veet" creme
dates way back to 1950s.

THIS it the page I enjoy a lot
it tells all about how 
the little things make all the difference.

Yes, even back in the late 1950s people KNEW
there is a need to nourish the skin
while it's being kissed by the sun.

The upper right corner:
that IS underwear. Yes, it is.

Leisure-look at it's best form.
Relaxed, loosely fitting, earthy tones..

This is the first time
they added a "kids corner"

About those "little items" that make all the difference: researches tell us that keeping plants at our desks (at work) can boost our well-being. Each time you water your plant, let your mind wander to what you love about the environment, and channel these warm-fuzzy feelings to add a few eco-conscious habits to your workplace routine, such as reaching for reusable products over disposables, reducing paper use and conserving energy.
Have you got a plant in your office, or on your work-space?
Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Those little bites of food look delicious, and not like anything I've seen before (the one with the pretzel on top looks intriguing).

    I don't have a plant on my desk, I'm too far from the window. I do have a teapot and reusable mug, though.

    1. Bite-sized food at it's best, right?
      I'd love to be able to have a sitting that features such a small delights, you know? Maybe one of these days..
      I also don't have a plant on my desk, but we have an open office, and there are three large plants and some window-sill ones in the office where I'm sitting.

  2. What an incredibly powerful quote to lead off this lovely latest edition of Burda Wednesday with. It sent a shiver up my spine and reverberated with me deeply. In a lot of ways I feel like it's the most apt quote for me for this year of my life. I've been working really hard to reconnect with more elements of myself and to continue to grow more confident in more areas. Thank you for sharing these insightful words with us. I keep a list (a Word doc) of my all-time favourites quotes and am going to add this one to it immediately.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm glad you like the quote.
      It's quite empowering, and it gives a perspective in one's mind. The more modern version of it, I suppose, would be "fake it - till you make it". Pushing and striving toward your best version of self matters to me a lot. That is what life goals should be.