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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Burda Wednesday: August 1959, part II

Hello everybody.

I am a morning-person. 
As soon as I open my eyes, I'm ready to go, work, talk.. but there are some things that I like doing before I go to bed (since I have to get up really early, 'cause my job starts at 07.00 in the morning)
One thing I got into the habit of doing when I was a very little (in the kindergarten!) was choosing then next day's outfit the night before. It's something I do even now that I'm grown, because it's a good habit and it's saving precious time on mornings - so that I can have a calm breakfast. :)

The previous text is inspired by the 
GREAT office-appropriate looks in this issue
of our Burda magazine:

Looking great on a day out.

..and looking great in your home. 

Absolutely delightful utility-wear.

So delicate.

I suppose this dress is comfortable.

Soft colors, smooth lines, bold buttons.

It's all about the details!

No worries, these are made for you.

Call me an "old school fool", 
but I really DO like the "class picture" kind of pose.

BOLD prints for larger-figured?
Sure, just take a look at how gorgeous they are.

So elegant, so curvy.. wonderful!

One is a real doll
the other is a kid that's as cute as a doll :)

Boys and girls wearing lovely clothes
for school days.

Knitting for kids.

Here's a step-by-step on how I prep my wardrobe at the evening (there's only tree steps):
1. Set it all out, including accessories.
2. Hang your pre-selected clothes on a hanger, give it a good look - make everything coordinate.
3. Check everything in advance (zippers, buttons, search for possible stains and tears) to make sure it all comes together without last-minute surprises.
...and have a good night's sleep, because there's less stress in the morning (at least, when it comes to "what to wear" part of my life).

Do you like to set-up in advance?


  1. Oooh, I like both those outfits for curvy gals - I'll take both!

    I don't get set up with exactly what I want to wear the night before, but at the weekend I like to make sure everything is washed and ironed ready for the week ahead, so each morning I can check the weather and decide what to wear that day. That mostly works, though if I decide I should be wearing brown shoes/bag instead of my usual black, I have to rush around moving stuff from one work bag to another.

  2. That striped dress with the huge collar is beautiful-I would wear that.

    I don't plan outfits unless I need to be somewhere early in the morning. The problem with vintage-I never know which seam will decide to give-way, or button go missing, etc. I try to have a back-up outfit ready, just in case.