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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Snack Smart: Gluten-free morning-glory muffins

Hello everybody

Since I will be baking today (there's a small scale gathering in my front yard this afternoon, and I might have sent the invitation that has a cake on the image), it's only natural that I share with you another easy & healthy snack recipe.

This is a two-bowls kind of meal; making it easy to clean after (have you noticed that no recipe tells you about the time required to prepare, measure, cut, wash after... and so on?).
If you are allergic to nuts, there is a way: make the switch for dry biscuits. Make sure they are really dry. The taste, I must tell you, will not be exactly the same, so try finding biscuits that are not so sweet to begin with. And, if you do this, don't forget to "cut" a bit of sweetness - for instance, use less syrup (also, can be switched with honey).
I hope you give this a try.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by - there will be cake.


  1. So many yums! I really like the addition of zucchini here. It was a muffin and loaf (cake/bread) staple in my house when we were growing up, especially during the summer, when it was in peak season. A muffin recipe that came by way of one of my mom's oldest and dearest friends (they've known each other for over fifty years at this point) combined zucchini with pineapple and was definitely one of the most frequently made muffins of my youth.

    Big hugs & many thanks for sharing this lovely GF treat with us,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Jessica,
      The things like zuccini add up an amazing texture to the batter. They don't carry a strong and potent flavor, so they are perfect for bulking-up (and that is precisely why our folks used them back in the day - one vegetable makes much more to a loaf - more mouth to feed)