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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Burda Wednesday: May 1959, part IV

Hello everybody

The slava ("celebration"; Serbian Cyrillic: слава) is a Serbian Orthodox Christian tradition of the ritual glorification of one's family's patron saint. The family celebrates the Slava annually on the saint's feast day. But not only families celebrate their Saint Protector! Over here, the entire towns have their protector, and our beloved saints are St. Peter & St. Paul. And, that was celebrated yesterday (as you were able to see on my Instagram account

Today, no-no.. it's not  a "rest-day"
I'm in the office, you're my support
so, let's take a look at some fashion & lifestyle of the days-gone-by:

Funny advertisement text saying
"MY four men and I"
(she's got a LOT of manly laundry)

"Half of dozen summer-sweaters"

I find wearing sweater-looking shirts in the summer
something suitable; it's breathable.

Back in the day,
wearing matching outerwear and beach towel 
was the way to go.

Another "mad " hat. :)

Office-friendly attire.

"A view to America"
(inspired by US fashions)

Swim-wear delight!

Absolutely nothing to say
about the hats lately featured in magazine

...but I'm fascinated by this white suit.

Underwear... breath-taking & gorgons.

Anti-cellulite massage tool.
The start of a new era.

Light & airy look.

A short romance story.

Back in the day, when best detergents 
came in the powder form. :)

As if one issue can pass without shoes. :)


Here's more about our customs..
What online resources can't tell you is the little things (that make life interesting and real). For instance: it is really important to know that for your Town Fair (that is like most of world's fairs, filled with toys, souvenirs and cotton-candy) you must have A NEW DRESS. It is an essential over here, in my town. Even in the worst of times, moms would go beyond imaginary to give their daughter's dress new collar (ahh, the embroidery!); young girls would work in the fields so they can buy the material and sew the garment themselves (inspired by the magazines, like "Burda", indeed).. and nowadays, we still honor the "NEW DRESS" code.


I honored this tradition, by wearing GREEN:

I know - so OBVIOUS. me wearing green
(yellow-cart with flowers is my moms prized possession,
and my dad's reparation work)

I hope your summer days are filled with sunshine, rest, calm mood and relaxation. I hope your summer nights are peaceful, and romantic. I hope there's a moment every day, that you feel you belong in this world, and this world belongs TO you.. because it does. This is our wonderful world, that we share (digitally) and I'm glad to have you all here, enjoying magazines. :)
Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Happiest holiday wishes, sweet Marija - what a treat to have a special occasion so very close to your birthday. In a way, I have that too, with Canada Day falling on July 1st. You look so elegantly lovely in your pretty green frock.

    Many hugs & joyful wishes for the rest of July,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Happy July, Jessica!
      I have the pleasure of being able to celebrate - as a "preview" to my birthday. Of course, this is done on a much, much bigger scale, since I prefer my birthday to be a small event, where I host only closest friends and family members.


  2. I love the idea of a family patron saint. I wonder who would be my patron saint.

    In Roman Catholicism every one has a guardian angel. Is that just a Catholic belief? I have no idea if Protestants or other types of Catholicism believe in guardian angels.

    I love your mother's wagon with all the flowers.

    You look very pretty in your new dress.

    The novel is written by Barbara Cartland who was a prolific romance novelist. Wasn't she related to Princess Diana?