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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Burda Wednesday: July 1959, part I

Hello everybody

Jumping over June, since (alas, that is a story with all things old) there is NO June 1959 that lived to see this day - if anyone has it, by all means, feel free to share it with the world. And, as it happens, it's one of those rare times that we are reading July edition, in July. :)  

Let take a sit-back and enjoy our July-in-July issue:

The editors have chosen the PERFECT cover, it has it all:
light pink polka-dot dress with thin pleats,
delicate white gloves and matching pearls,
summer hat with both net and a green detail. 
I say: YES to this overall look. :)

"Tosca" perfume.

Oh, and there+s a new way
of "striking the pose", as you can see. :)

No, page can not be bad
when there's a kitten on it.

It was the era of a delicate petticoats,
shining nylon stockings 
and overall-girly(ness)

There should be a pattern for this donkey.

THIS is what July is all about,
this it the "it" model for this month.

Light and bright summer dresses.

Soft colors, flower prints,
and cotton as the material 

See: figure should (and MUST) be shown
no matter the "size" of it.

They use the word "chubby"
when describing summer-dress style.
Whatever the word for your figure - there's a dress for it. :)

Simple dress - posh embroidery
(mind me, I love the face of this model!)

July is all about SMILING!
...feel free to do it as often as humanly possible.  :)


So..maybe, I should prepare you in time. Yes. Sit down, dear friends. Have a sip of tea. Take a breath and hear me out: in few weeks time, we are parting our ways with our beloved Burda Wednesday.
I know.
I know, really.
The bucket full of scans has run dry, after YEARS of posting, proving that "everything that has a beginning, has an end", indeed (for all those who loved "the Matrix" - you know that the Oracle is never mistaken) :)

Have a great mid-week, my dear friends.


  1. What a swoon worthy selection of early 60s fashions. I especially love the dusty rose frock on the cover and the white and soft mustard yellow polka dot number that we encounter later on. Ahh, for a time machine, eh? (And while there, we'd probably have a much easier time tracking down June's MIA issue.)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Time-machine?
      I wage my "pro & con" for that one, for quite some time. In the right and naive hands, that device would be used to track up a magazine, or to fix a bad cake.. :)


  2. Oh, I will miss Burda Wednesday! I do look forward to them and enjoy them.

    I actually have a vintage dress very much like the black-and-white one on the plus-size page. (