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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Love Story: Those we care for

Hello everybody.

I doubt there is a better feeling (lately) than this restful, calm and slow-paced first hour of Sunday morning. Everything is so still, people are starting to wake up, my ears are picking up sounds of windows opening to air out the room after a good nights sleep. My nose smells the fresh cups of coffee made to wake the household. My eyelids feel the gentle touch of sunshine, as I was standing in my front yard, taking in the day - with every sense I have.
Happiness is a Sunday Morning. :)
Sunday is the day created for us to slow down. This is when we're free to do everything at a different pace, and this is that day when we need to know that it is perfectly fine to just.. rest.

A way to let our minds flow into peacefullness
is a great romance. Here's another story:

I say: this unhappy gal deserved
every bit of happiness she's gotten.

I am sorry that the images are smaller than what we're used to, sadly: the scans are in poor quality. I hope you were still able to enjoy this tale.
Have a peaceful Sunday!


  1. Yikes! Out of her first three beaus, the first one was the luckiest. He was only ruined financially. The other two ended blinded and dead. Just one of those situations would've been tragic enough for any other story. This one pulled out all the stops!

    1. Yeah, I've told you it's an volcano of a tale! :)
      Sometimes we need a bit of drama.


  2. Sundays really are a glorious thing and a day that I feel should still be viewed as one of rest and relaxation - arguably, all the more so in today's extremely fast paced world. As much as a workaholic as I am, even I try (most times) to cut back and seek serenity to an even greater degree when the final day of the week rolls around.

    I hope that you're doing well, dear Marija, and enjoying a sunny, wonderful middle of June.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica