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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Love Story: Fight for your darling

Hello everybody

After a heavy storm, wind and a pouring-down rain we've had last night, it's a clear morning. Actually, I think it's better that way: at lest the day is clear, so we can do some of the outdoor works - not much, since it is Lay Back Sunday. :)
Fortunately, the storm hit us after we've finished yesterday's activities, and no stew got wet. :)

But, first, a slice of romance
(again, smaller scans - sorry about that)

..and this is how a man
changes his mind.

You know, for making a good stew you need to cook it for three hours? Slowly, let it simmer, add water when the mixture gets thick... until pork releases it's sweetness, almost melts down, and the entire thing turns into a deep, dark-colored thick goodness.

As I have mentioned on my Instraram:
the apron is vintage :)

I know many folks out there find these kind of events too - messy. There's smoke, there's exposure to heat (I got some burns, but well worth it). There are kids chasing a piglet - that is a competition, and the winner went home with the piglet under her arms (happiest, glowing dace of a child!). There are issues of animal cruelty, I know. We're not vegetarians, by far.
This happiness of mine might be offensive to someone.
I know that.

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. What a lovely apron to wear to a special community event like this. I can truly see both sides of the coin, but think that so long as the slaughter is committed as humanely as possible and that nothing goes to waste, it's actually rather important to keep age old traditions like this alive in the supermarket filled 21st century.

    Have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. I enjoyed that story very much. Going by the modest kitchen at the end, I would assume there was a big scandal and perhaps disownment by Spencer's father.

    Where did you get this seemingly endless supply of vintage American romance comics?