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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dog oddities, part three

Hello everybody.

This is one of those random posts one makes after spending a large part of your morning doing things only a large-dog owners understand.

The "dog" in question
(acting very shy - such a fake poser!)

Large breeds in general can present a few noteworthy challenges. For one, though training and socializing any dog as early, consistently and positively as possible is important, it could be argued that it's especially so for large dogs, who can grow big enough to knock a grown man over by the time a complacent (or clueless) owner realizes that his cute little puppy isn't so little anymore.
Large dog owner must know two things:
1. There will be more food needed to "charge" the pooch.
2. There will be a MINE FIELD in your back yard. :)

Not to make this entirely awkward,
I have for you more dog oddities:

There are things only BIG DOG owners understand:

  • There is no room for misbehavior on walks, they pull, and they do it amazingly. They pull so strongly, they just might drag you two streets down.
  • In fact, there’s not much room for anything. If you try to put a large dog in a small apartment, expect that he/she will take over - everything.
  • But.. He/she always seems to think he’s smaller than he is.
  • Asking someone to take him/her on a bathroom break is not an option. Not unless the person you've asked is used to dealing with huge "mines"
  • Anyone who doesn’t know you have dogs thinks you’re exaggerating with a XXXL sack of dog food you're bringing home every month.
  • When your annoying Chihuahua-owning friend suggests you use a lint roller to get the fur off the furniture, and you’re like... NOT POSSIBLE! 
  • There will always be some jokester that says things like "Hey, you got a saddle? I want a ride this pony!" 
  • Trying to keep a puppy off the ground before vaccinations are complete? Prepare to look completely insane. 
  • Displays of affection come at a cost. Huge dog is a heavy dog. You will get knocked over, sat on and licked for a long time, while struggling to get the monster-dog off.

That time, when entire class is having a serious face for a class-photo
and you just can't do it. :)
Big dog might not be for everyone, my dear friends, but you, more than anyone, know what they say: Big dog = big heart.


  1. That was mighty decent of George Washington to return his enemy's dog.

    Your dog is beautiful, and she looks very sweet and lovable.

    I don't envy the clean-up duty. It must be like cleaning up after a person.

    One time I read something about how if aliens from outer space ever observed us walking out dogs and cleaning up after them that they'd think the dogs were the rulers and we were their servants. lol

    1. Oh, yes, Dawn!
      If there's every any observation, we'd surely look odd. cleaning after them, feeding our dog before we have breakfast, checking on gate (what if it's not locked and dog leaves, gets lost of hurt...) and so many other things
      However, I do not dress my dog up.
      That is where I put the line.


  2. Oh my word, yes! I was nodding my head off across the board - and even giggled a bit when you mentioned that big dogs will continually think they're smaller than they actually are. To this day, even though she's nearly 3.5 years old and has been fully grown for ages, Annie still tries to hop up on Tony and lay across his chest, just as she did when we first brought her home as a tiny puppy that could fit in our hands. Thankfully, he's strong and can handle all 65+ lbs of our very energetic dog, but still, it just cracks up to see her have little awareness of how large she's grown over the years.

    Tons of hugs to you both from me and Annie,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Same here.
      Big dogs - maybe they have a desire to be small. You too have cats, and you know that we can lift a kitty, cuddle with a kitty, have our kitty in a basket (if the kitty wants to get in) :) With a large dog - basket is out of the question. So, maybe a pooch would like to be small (for a day or two) - at lest that'll sort out the "dragging" issue.


  3. Heh, now I've got a mental picture of Sarka sitting on you to welcome you home. She is such a beautiful dog.

    1. Ohohoooo.. yeah.
      That is pretty much the picture she's trying to achieve. Rest assured, I'm not letting it be her way. Huge dogs should not be encouraged to jump. Ever.