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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Burda Wednesday: April 1959, part IV

Hello everyone

Besides the obvious (the fact that I post my Burda fashion magazine pages, and we are all up in this for the sake of being fashion fabulous), I'll give you another amazing reason to star observing this "humph" day in a whole new light.. even to love Wednesday:
On December 30th, a Pittsburgh company called "P. Duff and Sons" applies for a patent that will change everyone’s life (and birthday preparations) forever, in a positive, time-saving and housewife-friendly way. It’s an “invention [that] relates to a dehydrated flour for use in making pastry products and to a process of making the same.” In other words, the first cake mix. And, it was Wednesday. :D

Now, onto BURDA magazine:

Remember that story from last week?
Here's the continuation.

So genuinely lovely.

A text about
"what goes on at the first fitting"
(back in the day, when women went to their seamstress
to get the dress made)

Lower left: "Skinny hips, skinny legs"
I say: if you don't have them
don't worry.. you're FINE. :)

I always admired these sewing dolls.
Oh, even for those who don't do many"project"
it would be a great decoration.

NEW in Germany:
"Quickstep" - hair sculpturing paste!
(you know, like a hair-gel)

Use this "sunshine in your hair" and your hair becomes
"brightened - formed - fixed"

I love a good female pad advertisement
this one is "wonderfully soft"
makes you feel you're being cared from, in a gentile way 

Practical ideas for the kitchen.

You see, mom:
I'm not the only one having 
my washing
machine in the kitchen

Gorgeous glasses.

I remember, there an elephant sewing pattern
in one of the Burda magazines - I think from a 1975 issue..

So.. "humph" day?
According to the Urban Dictionary, Hump Day is the middle of a workweek. It is called "Hump Day" in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week. Over here, Wednesday is in the middle of the common Western 5-day workweek that starts on Monday and ends on Friday.
Hump day symbolizes the height or the peak of the workweek. You have climbed the hill and made it to the hump (or the top). After Wednesday the workweek is supposed to be easier because everything is down hill from that point on.
Therefore: brave it out - and let's start planning our week-end. :)


  1. Delightful Burda post - I so enjoy all of these mid-century ads. Even if I can't understand the written words, the imagery and general sense of the era that they convey is still richly rewarding for a vintage fan such as myself. Many thanks for continuing to share these splendid magazines with us.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Be careful reading Urban Dictionary. There's some scary and disgusting things there.

    I like the fern glasses. Very pretty.